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Story: Akirei34
Art: Koori-chan
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LOL! Another update! Haha!!
I just wanted to show Emelaigne. >w<
Anyway, We'll update slower now 'coz classes will start soon. T_T
-ly chee- ^_^ But updates will be slower from now on... T_T
Anyway, I'm sooo happy that he doesn't look girly! Thank you!!! Yes! There will be more Fritz from now on! :D
-Yori Hayashi Chan- Noooeesss!!! TAT Don't kill them!!!
-Hi how are yah(Guest)- Yeeess!! We love him too!! >w<
Ughh... Got lazy drawing the Gazebo so I just took a piccie from Google. T_T
I think I made Fritz look too girly.. *fails*
Akirei 34--> Tones
-ly chee- Uwaahh!! You think so?? Thank you sooo much! *worships you*
Yeah, I think there will be more Fritz fangirls. :D
-Yori Hayashi Chan- Hehe!! It will take a long time before we could finish this comic. ^^;
Next page!! >w<
Drawing style kinda changed....
ANyway, Akirei34 did the toning!! It's so nice!! She's even better than me(Koori-chan)!! *Go praise her*
-Yori Hayashi Chan- Uwah! Don't kill him! LOL!
-eternalbeliever12- Thank you!
-Hi how are yah(Guest)- Us too! >w<
-Akirei34- Bows down to your greatness
-ly chee- Uwaaahh!! I want to make him my stepbrother too!! >w<