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BigJ 8/29
The name's Jeff. I don't sprite anymore,I'm just here to read the comics

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Isn't he technically already dead? You know, being a ghost and all?
Does it have anything to do with that LMFAO song?
oh ok. Reminds me of my friend, she was never the same. :(
Are those...burns?
P.S. I knew what he was I just thought he was very old.
JJBA reference! YES!!
@DarkMario1000: The gators are Lizalfos/Dinoflos or however you spell them
Oaucong says:
But are they all disgusted with the Trashy Man?
the quality looks fine to me!
Great page as usual! glad your feeling better! :)
this level is easy to me, It's the destroy/detonate the bombs in a certain amount of time with Knuckles/Doom's Eye that I can never finish
apparently these guys never played Brawl before
It's always misty and that damned starmie of hers
Flopsy that was his name (huge avatar nerd)
Wat they said ^
Sorry Red, I can't give you an Earth Badge, come back when you're a little "mmmmmm" overleveled! XD
Two words: Giga Bowser
actually staryu makes an "Hyeah" while starmie makes what sounds like a woman shivering. Why? I don't know :/