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This is so interesting :) And i love your art <3
Okay. I just love your style. I'm ready to stalk now xD
My brother is gonna think that i'm going totally out of mind. XD
I'm fangirling like an idiot screaming "so cute aww <3" things. But i just can't stop XD
Okay, i really would like not saying the same things everytime but...
I just love every page! And my english vocabolary is not wide enough to found the right words. xD
Oh, that explain the taste in horror house too. xD
I really love this comic *.*
Torches in the pool? So nice!
I would love them, If i have a creppy basement swimming pool. u.u
Aww, i'd love just the creepy basement too xD
I'm developing a sort of addiction for this comics.
it is so awesome ! *.*
Damn,i'm already in love with this comic!
Your style is awesome *.*
I really love your art!
I'm already watching you on y!gallery and this comics is amazing!
I would say more and profess my incommensurable ammiration with better words, but my english is crummy >.<
Bye ^^