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A science student who does some comic things.
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A late page and a costume change! I gotta say it's pretty weird to draw Eric in his magic duds again. It's been eight pages since he wore them last, and in webcomic time that's like three months.
My life has been proceeding to be very busy recently, but be content in the knowledge that I am at least trying to make pages to update. And sentences to convolute.
Another page comin' by on Thursday, lovelies! I've been a bit weird with updates recently, mostly because I'm working on university admissions.
I hope nobody is setting their calendars by my updates.
Eric and Kai are in year eight. Emi is in year ten.
Nobody knows Brick-chan's age.
My especially dubious thanks for some of the monsters in Emi's rant in that bottom panel go to my science class chum who told me about some of the Indonesian ghosts her family like to creep people out with. I believe that the kutilanak was created only with terrifying me in mind. THANKS INEKE. I will now go and hide under a bed and pray that she does not FIND ME. Along with that dang ole Kuckelavee and its marginally less creepy twin the Kelpie.
Things I have learnt: There are a lot of water and ocean spirits in folklore and mythology but not very many desert based ones. Incidentally; if a Womble got into a fight against a Mistborn, who would win? The answer is clearly Mr. Tumnus.
@StupidGenious: Aw, thanks! At the moment I'm trying to update every Thursday.
These guys are waaay too calm about this whole thing.
I missed last Thursday's update because I am a horrible person, so have an incredibly wordy page as recompense.
In the creation of this comic I used Obsidian Dawn brushes and fonts.
And so it begins!
This is the the cover of the 16 page comic I created this year for Studio Art.
I will warn that the quality drops dramatically as the comic progresses, considering that I was getting about six hours of sleep a night (if that) and inking and colouring all day, every day, for almost two weeks. Despite this, all the comic will be uploaded completely unchanged except for the addition of my signature because I'm well aware that if I start fixing it I will never stop.
Happy Thursday!
Aaaand after something like FIVE MONTHS (I'm so so sorry), Chapter 2! I hope at least that the improvement in my art will make up for all that radio silence.
See you all on Thursday for more crazy UPDATE SHENANIGANS.
@Kat: Coffee monster, smoke monster. Anything goes really.

The day Eric starts being creative is possibly the day the world ends. Or is it? We'll see.
@Saxin: Eric's dad has so much to answer for.
Happy Thursday everyone! Have a comic.
Ha, remember when I used to update this comic? NEITHER DO I

(I love you all.)
Argh I still can't get over how lovely your colour choices are for this comic. It's beautiful.
School is kicking me pretty firmly in the rear as of recently, hence all the late pages. But they're fun pages. Fight scenes are actually pretty cool to draw.

EDIT: Oh yeah and new site banner and stuff as well.
I will wallow in my guilt. With luck, though, regular updates should be regular once more (at least until the end of the chapter, I hope you're working on them guest comics) now that I've finished my super cool animation which has nothing to do with this comic at all.

In other news: Eric, ladies and gentlemen. What a charmer.