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What's going on, I'm Bliss. The things that interests me are things where I can use my mind to create. Art in any form is my biggest passion, whether it is musically, drawing, etc. I'm also into playing drums, rapping, and writing down lyrics, which is how I got the name, "Bliss". I also like sports, mostly baseball and basketball.
World of Arc
World of Arc comic.
World of Arc Issue 42
Shit, this comic is getting ridiculously clever.
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Haha, yeah. Shits aboutta pop off in this bitch.
You've been BEASTIN' with this comic. I faved this comic just the other day, and I don't think I've gone a day without seeing a new issue. Nice.
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Credit to Zach Light.

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Both are fine. You making more, or was this something for the spur of the moment?
So they did
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I come for the doughnutz, stay 4 da laydayz.

^ Thats all you need to know ^
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