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Hi I guess my real name is Franco Angeles. The thing I do is watch anime and play video games.I also play Yu-Gi-Oh! with my brothers and friends.
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    Franco Angeles
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Well i guess i'll vote for bison and spider man
This could be hard for Ken, but i'm still rooting for him and Yoshi for this one
Sonic please
Me still votes for shadow!
Out of all fights, i believe the fight between Thor and Superman was my favorite.
As I said before, go Shadow!
Alright! Shadow, win this!
Superman gave his best and lost oh well. I would want to see the battle between shadow and sasuke
Are those three eliminate together?
Roll,Dr. Light and Rush don't seem sad about Mega Man's death
Shadow could teleport
How many hammers did Mario break?!
This is going to hurt
Nice to see your back!
To go through a doorway with leggs...