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Basically just joined because i thought it'd be easier to fave then to bookmark :D
Dont even know if i'll ever do a comic lol
For more info about me check my dA page.

p.s. i know i have a lot of faves, i am brilliant at avoiding work and responsabilities.
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er... didnt you already post this page?
Your artwork is pretty, i would like more please :D and bedhead is the way to go!
i love your style, and that hat :D
Your style is so cool, and Ringo is cute :D
oooh interesting! i look forward to more!
this is rather interesting, i look forward to seeing more :)
this is great!
please update!

same here :D
you have a really cool story so far, i look forward to seeeing more!
i cant see it D:
i've been laughing my butt off all evening reading this, when i should be doing homework >:D
incredibly well drawn by the way :D
T_T why why why cant i view the mansex? which i'm sure it is beautiful as your style is beautiful D:
your own book? that is so cool! i hope it does well :D
and these are really cool images, love the poses :)
Your comic has been so beautifully drawn! I love it!