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My mind didn't even jump to Cakegirl, I thought the fireworks had lit the prince's hair on fire or something. >.>
Did I miss an explanation to why Melody wasn't Maidened?
The dot-panel EVIL sign is messing with my head... it looks like the edges are perpetually fading towards darkness.
The "just thrown together from a bunch of stuff" quality goes to say a lot about cake girl here (or at least I assume it's cake girl.) Nicely done :D
You have a new fan! Loving the story, keep up the good work!

Also, Shana's adorable.
Hah! Petunia's face in panel 4 is perfect.
By develop-blocking assistant, Wallis is, in fact, developing himself.
Don't worry, you definitely deserve us! :D
Just realized who Karolek is... I think.
That hat is awesome! =3
I have this funny suspicion that it's not really a guest room...
Moar archive please
I just reread the whole archive in a matter of two days...
Aah! It's been too long since I've read your stuff, piggies! The way you draw hair <3
Y'know, someone should tell Mr. Faceless-Black-speechbubbles that irrational fears don't listen to any sort of rational thought...
Oooh, yet another interesting twist...
The shadows on Arthur's face in panel 3 are amazing. =D
Poor Arthur. His face in the third panel is awesome. =D
(I believe it should be "valleys")

Awww, poor poor kain.
And you can almost see Kain's sanity slooowly bending towards the point where it snaps.
I like the look on his face in the last panel. =D