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lol this page has 2 of my fav panels ever <3
LOL yessss their faces in the last panel <3
not really sure about this style at all >_> sorry.
lolz arm pillow XD First time commenting cuz I'm lazy, but I thought you should know that I freakin love this comic and each page you post makes me love it even more. The storyline is great and I can't wait to learn more about the chars! Also, love your style. So basically, WHOLE BUNCHA LOVE!!!! <3
am I the only one not seein the bios? love this page though (last panel)
I'm actually kinda liking the pencil work. Usually when artists are stuck using only pencil it looks like it was rushed and done without any care, but this is great. Also, I totally feel for Atty in this page. I have trekked my way through woods before and my experience was pretty much exactly like his =P
lolz its a creeper. that's why i put my game into peaceful mode when i'm about to be mobbed by a bunch of creepers and skeleton archers =P
Aww I can't believe it's over. I really enjoyed reading it though. When you start posting your next story, are you going to post an announcement on this one? That way everyone that fav'd Cloe Remembrance will know when you've started it and not have to stalk your profile page =P
lol i <3 cookie
the textures on this page are awesome, great job =)
i love when you draw chibi haru/shira <3
i really really like this page for some unknown reason =P
nooooo noooooo nooo my derek/cody love is about to come to an enddddddddddddd T_T
ps2 controller=win <3
Panagiotis totally stole my b-day! (not the year, just the day/month)=P
I actually think I like this style better than when it's toned. Your toning is great, but this style fits with your comic more I think.
nonononononnoooooooo DEREK AND CODY 4EBER!!!!!!!! this page makes me so happy but i wish this harrison crush thing wasn't happening super bad T_T
Just wanted to say congrats on getting closer to top 10 webcomics. I vote for you every time you update =P Loooove this comic, can't wait for the next page.
is it just me, or does greg look a lot younger in this page? O_o maybe im going crazy >_>
whyyyyyyyy is dake so darn adorable *A*