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I am Josh A.K.A. Jsonic872.

I have nowhere to be and I live off Hot Pockets.

I use FireFox.

Fear my awesome-osity!
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How you kept track of all those speech bubbles is beyond me. I also loved the Metroid reference.
He will probably just run away. Like he does all the time.
@shadowknight19100: Actually you could get Zero's Navi chip and the Z-saber chip in NT.
Interesting necklace.
Sheila isn't going to be happy when she figures this out.
Oh but they will. In time they will. *evil grin*
Even though I saw this coming its still funny.
TopSpin Rocks!
Or spins, whichever is your preference.
BrightMan may be an improvement on FlashMan if he didn't only use the FlashStoper at certain levels of health. But thats only in the games.
This was a hard choice. MEGA. Sorry Bar'd.
Maybe they can use BugBomb and then get Yahoot to use BugFix.
Please don't tell me this is what I think it is.
That is an excellent question Rouge.
Congratulations Niv! I trust you threw your cap well?
"Toom", is the best sound effect in the history of cheese.
Is that a certain Dave I see in panel 8?
@Hyro IV:
It looks like a ninja turtle.