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I'm Skyle (its my internet name) and I really like hanging around the internet a lot. I'm a Sonic fan since 2003 or 2004 or whatever! I own a psp and a ps2 so I'm having fun and I'M A LAZY GUY!

So anyways I'm not gonna tell anything more about me so ktnxbye!
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Hey guys, I'll try to update tomorrow since the exams here are over. :D
That's a mystery that will be solved in the near future. :)
New Update! :3

Yeah, Sonic's not fully bonded with Mephiles YET so don't ask.
@ Sph
Wow, that song surprisingly kinda fits this page... o_o
I'm back
Sorry for TOTAL lack of updates but here I am back again. Merry Christmas also to you guys. :D
Exams are over and I hope my grades are high. O_O
Anyways here's an update...
I'll try to make the next update within this week ^^
Wow, thanks Blue! Yeah I know, the original one was a fail... I'm starting to rethink stuff now. ^_^
Finally an update!
Sorry for the delays, this was supposed to be uploaded 4 days ago but anyways here it is!
Not quite what I imagined how this page would look like but it's close to what I wanted anyways.
@ Ultimate

There is a chance that I won't continue the other one since the plot is starting to be a failure or I might remake it...
Dude, everyone knows that Fleetway Super Sonic is not it's name. They just use fleetway since he's from the Fleetway comics and Insane Super Sonic and True Super Sonic is not his name, just Super Sonic. :P
Took me a while to finish this but anyways here it is, the 3rd page for Alternate Crisis.
Finally made the 2nd page, I still need to work on that ring... the colors don't look right to me.
Thanks Mist, hope I won't screw this one up.
Alternate Crisis!
Click here!

That is the alternate version of MTH. Basically it's what I've really planned to do with this comic but since some of you guys wanted me to continue, I decided to make another one called Alternate Crisis so it's up to you guys if you'll be checking it out.
Brand New Comic
Yes, this is a new comic! This is about what I really had planned for MTH, so I hope people will like this version because I kinda planned the plot this time.
Finally an update eh?
So I made an update, I also made a comic just for a preview for what I have planned for a remake which I'll probably be uploading in another MTH Comic which would be called "Mephiles the Hedgehog : Alternate Crisis".

So there will be 2 MTH comics, the original and alternate crisis but I'm not sure if I'll really do alternate crisis anyways...
Is it ok if I restart?
I know its all of a sudden I'm back then suddenly I want to restart but I'm asking you guys if it's alright because the plot is a total mess now and I have rebuilt a new plot in my mind which in my opinion is better but the concept is still the same about Mephiles taking Sonic's body but anyways if you guys decide that I should continue, I also have it planned out.
I think this comic page is really good but what do you guys think.

Sorry to some of you guys but the summoning will be on the next comic page because the appearance of Espio just popped out of my mind.