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Such an interesting comic! Brings back old memories about RO!
I may be wrong, but I feel like we'll see Samsol soon ^^'
Crap, Im worried about Dake like he is a real person lol...
Another late update...
Gosh, I really don't like the style I of this webcomic (too simple and sketchy! I always do detailed work but this...) But okay... I have to continue It... Gonna change something in the next chapter maybe... ><
Yay! Finally! *&#1076;*
Yet another one.
Okay, I'm out of shape now, cause i haven't been drawing this comic for so long....Next pages gonna be better )
Okay...5 months with no updates. I didn't think that everything in my new school will be THAT hard. (
But okay...It's almost holidays, so updates will resume from today.
Oh noes D:
I think I'm the only person who's cheering for Marisol right nao...
But Gail still is my fave
I wonder, what Eila's mom Is doing\thinking now...
Yay for tommy!
But If I had to choose, I'd choose Dake to slap Tommy, than have sex with him... What will Eila's parents think? o_O And...huh...Dunno, sex can kill half of interest in future storyline...
BTW! Absolutely nice comic! *fan*
January 10th, 2010
Yet another one.
God bless weekends! ^^
First chapter was just for experiments, and actual story is starting from this page (sort of...)
And from now on the main character and the teller of the story will be Riko.
I'm back!
Okay...I was gone again.
2 months witout updates. Sorry.
But now I'm back...and afer this little bonus I'll resume working on this webcomic.
Second panel...I just feel the warmth of Dake's hug o_O
+1 Tommy
Dake is crazy D:
Aww man..This made my day!!!
But stop...Livestream...What time zone you're In? I live too far, but just can't miss the right time -___-
Marisol x Gail looks like another cool pairing.
Ku ku ku... >D
It'd never happen, but still...
This page just made my day!
So cute!!
November 12th, 2009
I just can't ignore this! Bancoran! Gah! +111 for your humour xDDDDDDDDDDDDDD