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Universe: I don't feel so good...
@D-Ranokai: Most monitors are only 720 pixels high.
September 26th, 2018
From the other side~
@Dregan: That's what I hate about him.
I hate this red, annoying character.
June 26th, 2018
I feel bad saying this, but I don't think this comic interests me any more.
Early on, there was the whole question of "What does it mean for these demons to be reborn human?" as well as the aspect of exploring that world, but it's just hasn't gone anywhere. Even interesting subplots that could have been interesting are just being shoved aside.
The parts being accepting of this is stupid. It's not them question if this is possible, but more of the fact they should be OUTRAGED that their daughter's in danger. Think about it - most of the bad things that had happened in this comic happened because someone wanted to kill Angela. THAT'S A PRETTY BIG DEAL.
... But the parents are like "Oh, honey! We're so happy that you made these new demon friends. There's no problems with this at all!" Blind acceptance. It feels false, and hollow. There's no dept to these people to the point that they don't feel real.
I be they have no problem that Angela is hanging out with Adrian even though he's way older than her too. It's just... Not realistic. It ignores them.
A comic has to have states - what happens has to mean something. If Angela's parents were NEVER going to freak out over the demon stuff, then there was no point for her to hide it from them. If someone dies that's not relatable or connected to the plot, why does it matter? If you kill a major villain from this arc off with out explaining what's going on or why it's just so horrible, then their death falls flat. Not only that, but you also kill off one of their major threats. Think about it - that's no one to fight against! Granted, all of these are things that can be fixed. You can set up another villain - something far more intimidating that the last guy. You could steer the plot back on coarse. You could start establishing how the magic in this world works. With characters, you can make them see the flaws in their own choices.
The problem is, it's very rare for someone to fix these problems even when they are pointed out.
... I've read other comic... Comics I really like, but they end up taking a direction that has no stakes to the point where everything is predictable. It's disappointing to sit through that hoping it gets better. You want to see things going the direction they pointed to in the beginning. Instead, the writers turn away from risk verses rewards and stick to the same thing, time and time again. This is just another one of those comics to me now.
I want a say this, because I really, really did like this comic. That's why I've stuck to it for years. I don't want to see it go this direction, but at the same time, Butterscotch, it's easier for you to ignore me. It's easy to ignore criticism, specially the kind you don't like. Sometimes, criticism isn't even warranted on some aspects because you see the bigger picture here and I can't. Most of the time though... People don't care. It's as simple as that.
Maybe I'll come back some day to see that I was wrong. Maybe the comic will turn out better than ever! If there's anything I wanta be about this is wrong. For now though, I'm fallowing my gut. I hope you enjoy making your comic - whatever path it goes.
... Some thing about this seems very silly. I mean he's not dead after all this time? I know, Katsu's the reaper and has to come for them, but that man should be dead.
It's not unusual.

Okay, it is unusual.
It's almost like there's nothing at all.
Huh, I can't believe Met and I actually helped to define Ket's powers.

... That was one thing I never expected out of those Letter 7 comics.
February 24th, 2018
Nice, dynamic 5th pannel.
@D-Ranokai: PFFFFFFFFt, he though there was a plot!
January 26th, 2018
Shots fired.
January 12th, 2018
To be fair, Letter 7 only has 10% of sense at any time. It's enough for you to fallow actions but cause and effect as well as logic and reasoning are thrown against the wall and stuffed into a blender before being sent into a paradoxical time loop.
As such, I don't think it matters that nothing makes sense why it can do a thing, because everything is rainbows.
My main problem is the character's colors are too dark.
Any detail that's there besides some vague colors, I can't quiet tell. All the colors tend to blend when they are too dark or too light. My advice is to lighten up your pallet for each of your colors.
@TheJGamer: You must know Tails pretty well then.
He always drops by every other day looking for some Cream.
God speed to you, Mr. Sheep. God speed.
I did this on a whim. Literally no other reason. Granted, I kept going with it because, my god, were these two easy to sprite for!

Personally, I've always liked ShellNumemon too. It's like they took a Numemon and made it cute. I can always appreciate cuteness.

The Happy Galgomon Gif Factory:
Now that the Ultimates are done, I can present them together freely. Ah, don't they all look nice being proportional? I think they do at the very least. Even better for you though, it means they are all in one place.

In order, we got AeroVeedramon, Scorpiomon, Antylamon, Assaltmon, Arukenimon, Bigmamemon, BlackWarGrowlmon, Blossomon, Cyberdramon, Dinobeemon, Doumon, Dagon-I mean Dragomon, Gaduramon, Gigadramon, Indramon, Infermon, Kimeramon, Majiramon, Mamothmon, MasterTyrannomon, Megadramon, MegaKabuterimon, MegaSeadramon, MetalGreymon, MetalTyrannomon, Minotarumon, Monzaemon, NeoDevimon, Okuwamon, Paildramon, Pandamon, Shakkoumon, ShogunGekomon, SkullGreymon, Toamon, Triceramon, Vermillionmon, WarGrowlmon, WaruMonzaemon, WaruSeadramon, and

The Happy Galgomon Gif Factory: