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@TheJGamer: Well, I made almost 11 different plushies and most were base on the people in a group we have. If I made one for everyone on the web I at least know... Yeah, that'd be too much.
Also, you keep yourself so down about that. You really shouldn't beat yourself up about it. Failure is a good thing because as long as we make mistakes we can improve ourselves.
It always struck me as odd that you killed your character instead of making those new sprites for him because of that.
@Snurple-the-Hedgehog: First panel, bottom
left. In the 4th panel though? Yeah. :3
Great Skull to teh 7th letter.
Did I steal the sanity or was it already gone?
@TheHowlingStorm: It's more of the fact you brought it up at all! XD
@TheHowlingStorm: God, you're bring that up again?
You know to know when to hold them, know when to fold them, and when to walk away.
He looks like he's going in reverse. You should probably add more frames to it as well.
@Shard: I hope you don't expect answers.
Inspired by Howly and stupidity.

3/4: Niv
5: Sal
@D-Ranokai: Dark's the orc.
July 3rd, 2017
@Magnus Archon: What we know about her isn't sympathetic though. If a character is written to die, you don't write them as a jerk. If they are, no one cares when they die. In fact, some readers and happy when characters like that die. It makes you want to pat on the back anyone that killed her.
If you're trying to make a reader feel for someone who's going to die, this isn't it.
June 27th, 2017
I don't know what was really the point of this girl. Oh well.
@Snurple-the-Hedgehog : That can be fixed to. Just turn him around while dragging.
So, the other day I was thinking, "You know, what if a digimon was like a hermit crab but had an ice cream cone as a shell?" Naturally, that got me thinking of Shellmon. From there, I ended up creating ConeShellmon.

ConeShellmon's name is also a pun on the Cone Shell Snail, which is a highly venomous snail that lives in the ocean. It's a quiet unsuspecting creature. Luckily, I don't think ConeShellmon's going to give you food poisoning.

Swirlmon was more of an after thought but a good one. I remembered the shape of Burgermon's hat and thought it looked like a scoop of ice cream. Small edit there and BAM! You got an ice cream rookie digimon.

Edited from here:
The Happy Galgomon Gif Factory:
It's just unbearable now that Grizzmon, Monzaemon, WaruMonzaemon, and Pandamon are done. Care you bear it?

The Happy Galgomon Gif Factory:
With devious creatures out and about like Boggiemon and NeoDevimon you might need Taomon and Doumon to help you out.

The Happy Galgomon Gif Factory:
It's not easy being green when you're Stingmon, Paildramon, Strikedramon, or Blossomon.

The Happy Galgomon Gif Factory: