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August 30th, 2019
I'm not saying it isn't terrible. It's very tragic. Still, it's thematically appropriate.
August 30th, 2019
Sometimes, things just happen. Even death. It doesn't matter what emotional logic dictates. All other logic proves otherwise.

In MUTE every character Katai murdered or came back in the end with basically a dues Ex machina. I hated that, but went a long with it because this is Niv's story to tell. Here, if she did the same thing even if it was for just one character, I still don't think I would have liked it. It wouldn't have been as bad, but looking back? This is mor fitting.

Things happen to Ket, things she has no say in and she can't stop them. She gets sent on a quest, she is chased by Silverado and Damaru, and she is forced to watch Liz, her best friend, die. Every world she is sent to she doesn't have a say in. She doesn't choose to get sent to any world - she is just brought there. That's not a bad thing, because life is a lot like that. We don't have a say in things sometimes. What happens to us, where we go, what job we have, and so many other things are out of our control. We just have to deal with what happens to us.

Death is the one thing no one can control. So it makes sense that Comic!Ket dies. She was never in control of these sorts of things in the first place.
August 28th, 2019
@T-Wrecks57: First, you're assuming she wanted to write a happy ending. Second, you can't judge her because she didn't write the damn ending YOU wanted. She wrote the ending SHE wanted to write.
You wanta disrespect her? It won't give you want you want and you show contempt for someone who you didn't have to make this whole thing anyways. Yah know - the story you care about?
You want an ending YOU like? Go write a fan fiction. It'd be more productive with your time.
We did a panel mix and it looks like it went barking up the wrong tree.

@daniel edmondson: Look, I don't know if what you wrote means what you think it means or if you're trying to be rude to her.

If Shard wants to end her comic her own way, then you have to respect it. You don't have to like how it ends, certainly not. And if you don't, write a fan fiction.

If you do not respect her wishes and treat her kindly for making a story she didn't have to write or even share with you, then you just become a troll.
Please, do not talk like that again.
August 19th, 2019
@plokman: Eh, I don't think someone that calls it a "bull shit machina" is going to use one.
Kind of a red flag there actually.
August 19th, 2019
It really is nice weather. Gotta say - really enjoying it. Can't see what other people have to say about it.
August 19th, 2019
-casually sips drink-
What a wonderful day for a funeral.
-puts on shades-
Does anyone else read Losroo's lines with Samuel Jackson's voice?
@Shard- Yeah, it's a simple mix-up.
Met, Niv doesn't drink coffee. She drinks your tears.
"Perhaps he became into a Tulav?"
I can tell you, there's something odd about that sentence. XD
I think somewhere along the way, Niv forgot how to not work.
Don't ask me what the deal with space is atm. I can't help you.
I feel like if you have that much information about Taloks, theeeeeeeeeeeen it's too much.

I mostly say that, because I really don't want to sit through 50 pages of Talok facts....
@TheHowlingStorm: I think you mean "kotaku".
Niv helped color this one and I did the line work!
Honestly, it looks a lot better in color.
Should have married for munz instead of pork bunz.
Very nice!
Universe: I don't feel so good...