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Cuuute~ OwO I have a bunny hat? D:
Yes, I know it sucks. But Anyways, I didn't
have anything to draw, so I though I might
as well tell you a little about her past and
blah blah blah in a short story. ^-^;;

This is Just Part 1. ^^
Yaaay~ Swedish song~ owo Hey, I'm from Sweden! O___O;;
So, Hi everyone! :3 I'm new here. Though I
already know some of you. .__. But You'll have
to guess who I am. =w= It's pretty easy.

And so, this is my character! ^-^ She has a
really soft voice, btw. owo~ And she loves to
sing, but not in front of people. D:
And about her dress.. See it as a very
short tunic, that ends above her knees. .__.
Oh.. I should post soon. .__. Anyways, Hello! I'm .. kinda new here! ^^
That fish is SO CUTE! owo<33