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Nooooooooo the end of my read-in-one-sitting break. Fortunately there's a new update on the day after tomorrow *u*!! Oh wow Mad, first of all I can't help but squeal in awe on how wonderfully you've executed a fully coloured comic! It's a challenge! I love every page \;v;/ and I enjoy your storytelling, it's just really well thought out ♥
Can't wait to read more~~
April 25th, 2012
"Because you don't seem like yourself this evening~"
Aww, Nick's so cute being nervous like that. Chloe's so very pretty ;u;!
Welcome back, Maaaad!!! \>u</♥♥♥♥♥
got yourself a soulmate, nyle *u*
the perfect torture is when your net takes years to load a damn page
you're silly Leon *shakes head*
lol bro, I love your play with words. :'DD go amber, get up with something not related to animals or eggs!
Poor Amber hahaha
unless this is the first time they meet?
hmm Ayden could've told about her to him...

people were giving all the girls and women (like our teachers) roses at our school today. it was cute ;u;
yeah happy international women's day!!
Maybe that's Leon's way to turn someone down, or he's just being honest~
I decided to switch my messy handwritting to idiot-proof text (how do you do it Nicki?!).
@MegamanZDevil: It was pretty ok. A bit like watching a reality-show (I thought it got a bit boring at some parts) but it did get creepy haha
@MegamanZDevil: Sure! I'll note you for a chat as soon as I get enough time!
Wooow, what! Nice halloween picture ;//0//;

I would've not known the name of who I suppose Amber is dressed up as *looks from sealand* Princess Bubble Gum?
And Leon was easy to spot too :'D he has a really cute pikachu haha///
I'm torn apart trying to figure out who Ayden and Nyle are dressed up as, they've hid all the clues so well! I-I dare say Ayden is John?

I was at home doing stuff, sob
What did you do on halloween Nicki (maybe still are)?
@MegamanZDevil: Nonsense! Your monthly updates (what! has it been 3 months already?!) is what kept it alive! Take your credit pro bro *tackle*

I think I should get it out today~
EDIT: I-I meant soon sobbb

haha, this going to continue (I was suppose to finish the second page today and upload the two pages together, but my time is running out;;; *goes to sleep*)

sob you've been updating a lot and kept alive this comic Nicki \;v;/ great job! *glomp*
aaaah, such a familiar scenario I almost feel like getting ashamed myself recalling all those times this is happened to me *cough*everytime*cough* <'D
I wonder what song he was making a cover of *0*
LMAO SOB you're a genius Nicki XDDDD this is so cute
and I love the way you draw boo--- Amber *//u//*
I have a second new character we could add to the comics, gotta tell you about him! (I've mentioned a tiny bit of him to you before~)
bawww poor Nyle, I can totally understand what he's feeling! haha ;u; (as a matter of fact, I've been spooked(?) for a week now about this horrible news)

That was one neat comic, the way it was put and all. Didn't even need to really read it~
Is Nyle Leon's friend? *u*
rofl, I'd love to know what they're playing. <'DDDD
Stop bothering him, Ayden! It's your fault he's not progressing in the game!
I love the expressions, bro ;//v//;

I'm not sure when I played a scary game the last time \*u*/ but I watched Paranormal Activity alone last winter hoho;;

@ Cloud-Kitsune: woah, maybe it hit you later when you realised you weren't safe anymore. Like this is the real deal!
RE1 I remember all too well. I hated it when I was a kid (mainly because I didn't understand it lol)
Aaaaaaathatbannerrr////<3 it's brilliant! jhgjhg lol their faces *falls over*
awww, poor Leon (and poor you! her mom does! *hugs you* <'DD). I listen to "No Doubt", Ayden has no taste!!
He prefers to listen to Fergie okokIlikehertoo
aaaah bro I love their different hairdo's(?) so cute ;u; PFT *makes you a shirt similiar to Leon's*

@ nijineko: glad you do ! is it similiar to ddr? sob *never tried it*
See Ayden, there's nothing to be ashamed of! dfjfh *tackles you* I'm glad it made you laugh! It's fun seeing Leon tease Ayden about things (sorry, Ayden!).
Leon makes the best faces *u*
I'm not sure if I'll keep drawing this traditionally but I'm planning to move on continuing with the tablet
lol, Ayden looks like demon on the 3 panel with that expression.
I think no one has ever angered Ayden as much as Leon does <'DDDDD
Yes Ayden, you've got to work out that feminine body of yours more!
B-bawww, Leon looks cute that way for some reason XDDDD I love the expressions you drew ahhh, esp the second panel/// that face <'DDDD
I love your colouring, really nice ;n;!