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I tried to make a comic in 2008, now I'm trying again in 2016. I'm horrible at page compilation, and schedules, and -shudder- HANDS. I want to put something up that you and I will like.
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October 7th, 2017
I'm sincerely hoping Chris used something else that's brown on the door.
Everytime my notifications show your cover thumbnail my mood goes from a 'meh' to a 'yay!!!' so thank you for your hard work.
You're so adorable ^3^
@TheAtomicKuriboh: Heehee, Ed thought it'd be a nice reward since Chris doesn't apologize often. :3
It took me a week and some to finish this, but it looks good to me.
Dear Shizu...
Please attempt eye contact! <3
You can be mad at your boo and still love them.
Chris is shaken because Ed's never been cold to him, that's why he looks weird.
@OpalKittens: I remember the first time I turned on Survival mode. I turned to my brother Jon and said there would probably be screaming, either from spooks or from rage.
@OpalKittens: Aww you're the best Lila~
September 10th, 2017
Primitive part of our brain is mentioned, as Loke's looking down.
In his defense he's probably wondering 'Will he take those off too or leave them? The tiny bow on the side is charming.' Or something like that! X'D
September 7th, 2017
Poor Kennedy! I hope he gets to a point where he just puts on whatever he wants and tells Dakota to deal with it.
I mean, it's an apocalypse. Enjoy fashion when you can.
September 1st, 2017
I'm worried Aldi's about to get shoved into a wall. He probably should have said this right after their near-death experience and not after they're having genuine romantic feelings for each other. Crap, your timing Sunshine.
@OpalKittens: Thankies, each person's eyes are my favorite part.
@OpalKittens: I'm glad you do, I knew I didn't when I finished this page. XD
I like playing in Peaceful Mode, where the only thing that can hurt me is my own clumsiness.
@OpalKittens: I'm happy you say that, and I hope you continue to enjoy this.
Why do I lose readers every time I update? This doesn't make any sense to me.
You got it, I was worried no one would. Just proves how awesome you are. :3
I've worried about the pacing in the past, but I decided to put professional-posing aside and embrace the fact I'm not a comic artist.
This is for me and my friends to enjoy, even if the plot goes off the rails or if it just stops making sense.
I can promise you that even though they will run into Brad and Gordy again, no one will permanently die. Thank you for reading this weird, gay thing!
@TheAtomicKuriboh: Sew's thinking 'Ooh, my magma cube is so brave and strong! Needta get these off~'
It reminds me of all the times we've kissed or hugged and I should probably have taken my plastic eyes off first. XD
@TheAtomicKuriboh: I'm completely stuck on how I want the next chapter to start. I might need a break from this before I lose interest completely. -pout-
@TheAtomicKuriboh: Wow, I succeeded! I thought he just looked manic/slightly pervy. XD
@TheAtomicKuriboh: I'm glad you like them, babe. -mwah-