I tried to make a comic in 2008, now I'm trying again in 2016. I'm horrible at page compilation, and schedules, and -shudder- HANDS. I want to put something up that you and I will like.
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He's just as BOSS-ly as his big brother. I'm so proud of him.
@TheOfficialTrashcan: I'm hoping the same, so hard.
I don't know how to do a menacing face, but I'm proud of this whole page.
Matt's flustered/stubborn face is the best (whilst Sew's tentacle moves in for a cuddle). I hate Gordy's chibi at the end, but hopefully it's not awful to you guys.
Gordy the Ghast sucks his aura in, holding it until the pressure is too much and then he blasts his target. The only problem is that it hurts him worse than hell. The irregular mouth movement is him sobbing through this painful process.
Don't re-upload/re-blog/re-anything without crediting me.
I'm about to make a GIF on the Firealpaca site of Gordy 'charging'. Stay tuned for that!
The perspectives need editing, but I'm busy with my visiting boyfriend this week. Please stay with me, the next page will make up for any errors in this one. :3
@TheAtomicKuriboh: Psh, they're not even really concerned that Matt might be in trouble. They just hate the thought of their little group getting smaller.
Gordy is super indifferent for now, but you never know with Ghasts. :3
Meet Gordy and Brad from the Nether, dun dah da-duuhhh!
This chapter shows characters we know and love, but if you're paying attention there are some new ones too. :3
Not like I know what subtlety is, they're pretty obvious in their newness.
@TheAtomicKuriboh: Exactly what I was going for. :3 -amateur comic creator is satisfied-
Thank you sweetie. -kiss-
It's short in terms of story development, but long in terms it has the most pages. And I uploaded one page Every Damn Day for 10 Days. So yeah, go me. Sewell and Matt are awkward and don't mean any harm. Maybe they'll get together, maybe they'll just be friends. I'm their father and I don't even know.
I'll be taking a break to establish who will be featured next chapter. Thank you for your support of this goofy, gay thing.
Favorite page, aw yeah.
Wow, you're forrrrwaaaard! Thank you to everyone who's read up to this point and has put up with my irregular updates.
I'll make it my goal to stay ahead of these pages and not get overwhelmed by them. I dunno if that makes sense, I'm just having fun with this instead of treating it like work I don't get paid to do. :P
@TheAtomicKuriboh: Worry not, love! The next page is on the way and it's a cute one. ;3
Hopefully these two can take a second, calm down and reorganize their priorities. Pff :P
It's off the rails, but the story is there. I'll get back to it once I'm done embarrassing Sewell. >;3
Going strong so far, but it's derailing a little bit! See Matt puffing his chest out to attract Sewell... XD
Matt's never seen wah-wah 'cause he's literally made of magma. Hope he doesn't touch tha--