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I tried to make a comic in 2008, now I'm trying again in 2016. I'm horrible at page compilation, and schedules, and -shudder- HANDS. I want to put something up that you and I will like.
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    Kory Misun
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Aww, Marty /almost/ got his number, so close!
Yogurt is my favorite treat when I'm sick or feeling crappy, thank you Ms. Lovely Nurse!
It seems like Fang has gotten even More muscular, wow!
They're so lovable though!
I hope they're always this honest with each other, their secrets were eating them alive. XP
I'm happy their little family will be okay.
Angry or not, can you at least stop being a prick for five minutes, Fang?
Proud of Claw and Fang!
Kimrick, do not effing start.
Wow~ That's impactful and moving. Claw's really in tune with his own flaws, and even though Fang is in Fury Mode right now, he'll probably see Claw's point.
He's going to have to cough up all the smoke he inhaled, poor sweetie. When my house burned up in '98 I was [tmi] throwing up the entire day afterward.
It's kind of great that Kimrick's turned away from us this whole page, we can only imagine his expression. I hope those punk guys were caught by police, finally.
April 27th, 2019
Creep is inadequate and rude. Sheesh.
I'll forgive you if you're not secretly an evil gold digger or something.
April 23rd, 2019
Not everyone would risk their bacon in a situation that involves a soul-sucking rabbit demon. You're a good dude, just accept it. <3
April 23rd, 2019
It's impossible to stop myself from wanting to stroke Marty's hair. It's fluffy and looks a little like petals. Also I love York.
I don't know how a cover this beautiful doesn't have a single comment, so I'm here to rectify that. The lighting glowing on the boys' skin is mystical, and I love your palette so much.
He didn't get it anywhere, he's just a very smart boy.
I'm so proud of him for coming back, I was really scared during the last few pages.
Would you rather Daniel carry a fetus he hated, and risk Claw finding out?
Not used to Marty being called 'Martin', that kind of threw me. They're both trying and I'm proud of them.
This needed to be said but I'm still worried about what will happen because of it.