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I tried to make a comic in 2008, now I'm trying again in 2016. I'm horrible at page compilation, and schedules, and -shudder- HANDS. I want to put something up that you and I will like.
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August 13th, 2018
I'm hoping he just wants to get married or something, and Cort will have to figure out a new living situation...?
Best big brother.♥
August 6th, 2018
Cort's smile. <3
July 30th, 2018
This entire page is uplifting and gorgeous.
July 20th, 2018
And his heart went BOOM! <3
*Initiate Possessive Cat Behavior... feet in lap.*
He's going to need so much energy when he wakes up.
Oh no, now Drew and Nova are kind of alone. *low-key worried*
Marion is beautiful (and looks a little smitten)!
Oh god I forgot that Luca hasn't been touching Drew or getting energy at all. -sniff- I'm proud he's honoring his promises, but he needs so much help.
Marty looks so sad and underfed in the last panel, and really unsure of what he's doing now.
But that's part of character growth, and he'll always be a cool protagonist to me.
I hope Kennedy breaks his nuts.
Drew just keeps getting more handsome and sweet. I'm proud of him.
I read this from beginning to end in a few minutes, and I must say that you do the most beautiful shadowing.
I'm sorry I've reached the end, but I'm so happy to have found your work!
Aw, now all we need is a pale, violet-eyed ducky with Luca's marks. <3
@Aiyse: Oh my god, Yes! Pokey squek!
@Mccull61: Hehe I'll always be in love with the cactus-giving comic too. Darn, now I'm torn between prickly and squek.
I hope someday Drew gets him a big squishy squek.
My only thought when Luca says that is 'If it's so ugly why do you want it?'
He's amazing, but I'm worried Drew will be angry.
Oh my god how can you love a comic so much, but also really hate it at certain moments?
This is so beautifully made and makes me cry.
I'd be like 'I don't want to be Good At This. You kidnapped me to be a whore and I'm going to stick my knife in the first person who's turned away from me.'