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Not much to put here, I'm a Roleplayer and Swordsman, Yes i said it swordsman, i practice one sword and time from time two
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    C.J Trinity
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And Gouki's Shungokusatsu!
no no, it's fine, thank you for the notes sir.
O Grimmed looked Night

I just finished my production of a midsummer night dream, which was a success i believe

But thats beside the point, i'll get back up and running eventually...keep updated

this looks good, another onto my favorites list!!!
Ghost is a RP character i created long ago as
Ghost.EXE, solo net navi able to use darkchips as well as PA
i converted him to sprite comic form long ago.
unfortunately, even with my author powers and the other authors not around to say.
I cannot invite without their permission
Masters, you ought to consider
yeah, i may actually just create a totally new comic after this, and i'll split the story lines.

This one, if the cast comes back, i'll return to zeros diner.

If i do make a new comic, i'll introduce more backstory to what has happened so far.
they come in handy biiiig time.
specially the swordmaster/myrmridon crits
Whereat With Blade
I miss photoshop, but it seems that even with my lack of skill, paint is doing A-OK with me.
not back to life yet fox.
Not yet
Well then
This is a way to keep me busy, as of late I've been trying to stir away from my faithful PS3

it's quite hard
But in all Seriousness
Oh snap...yeah, just because i can...i guess LOL.

I has long stupid backstory that i won't really bother with...if this ever revives that is.
But i guess i need an outlet that doesn't involve new comic.
I gots school related Hi-jinks in my pocket.

I miss you all..maybe while at school i'll redo my sprite sheet...or maybe not...we'll see.
.... dude, it's up to the authors to say who's in and who's out. You've been at team jinjo's feet, begging, if they won't let you in then, why now?
No matter how much you put up a valid arguement, they will always look at what you did now, and back then, and do that non exsitant math.

On an unrelated note, Lol 0.3, eventually it's gonna hit 1.0 anyways shin, did you get a chance to see my sprite sheet yet? i think slash has it also so if you don't see me online, you know where to get it.
I think i can answer that question lol.
Well you don't change as much as you continually add on. But to answer your question, not as much as i exagerated...but really i like your new sprite good job, maybe i should update my look a bit
Wow, slash, your probably the only person i know who makes a new sprite every couple of comics. When did you change it again..?
I do beleive everyone has made their points, i see Saa is returning. And should it be coincidence i found this out on the start of my spring break? actually no coicidence i just came back today...and cheaked updates....i think i should start bringing my sprite stuff to this laptop and my school compos...that would maybe make things easier for me should i be able to come back from dying.
You know, this is probably the most funny thing i created in this comic so far, and it hurts because it's the only funny thing i did, and it's not that funny....daaaaaamn oh well
Bass(Joshua) Has now just saved a poor helpless archer girl in this new mysterious world. But who was the one attacking. Well, maybe you already know who he is, most likely.