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I suck at writing theese thigs but here I go.

Hi, I am Poppy and am 16 years old. I hope to join the Royal Navy and be a marine engineer.

I have officially left secondary school and I hope to study A-level art and design and iMedia at College next year.

I live in South East England, a few miles outside Brighton.

I go to Sea Cadets, i do Horse riding, scuba and target shooting. I have also flown a light aircraft three times. I enjoy drawing.

I like real-time programmes such as Road Wars, Airline, UK Border Force and Warship.

I also like Mythbusters, Star Treck, The Spirit, Ice Age, Star Wars, Ghost Ship, Torchwood, Death's Head series by David Gunn, Ace Combat X: Skies of Deception (PSP).

I don't like: Patronising people and adverts, Politics, Chavs, neo-nazis, hentai, yuri, yaoi and you get the picture.

Remember children: Faliure is always an option! Starfleet_Command
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    Poppy McCarthy
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I still love this page! I'm re-reading because I haven't kept up with the updates and I''m now confused lol.

I sailed close to this in force 4 winds when me and a friend went up to Scotland on a sailing course!

Anyways, it's a great page and I love how you did this, especially the reflection and the perspective!
Noes! It can't end now! (thank godness for sequals . . .) That second panel is just win!

As for Ultimate Force, what channel is it on? I think I'll have to check that out ^^
Enviromental science? Are you in the uk? *my friend does ES and says it was dull . . .* I got stuck with double 21st Centuary D:<

Anyhow, I love the pannle about the curfew! This comic is awesome, keep up the good work!
Kudos to the cute drawing. ^^

I have the same problem with my leading char lol.

Your style is awesome - I feel compaired to know more =)
You should seriously consider getting published. The pages are so professional.
I think I might have to fantard this main character of yours sometime. If you don't mind ^^
OMG! Amazing comic!
I absaloutly love your art! Your characters are awesome, your art is awesome, I must fav the comic!
I just love the last pannel! It made me laugh!

I like how you do trees and shrubbery - it looks so realistic!
I'm really getting into your comic!
I laughed so hard at this page!

Rohan is awesome! I love your art style, too!