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All caught up
Hahaha... I am an idiot xDD I was waiting for a long time for updates and just... missing them. But now I'm caught up and I've set up an RSS feed so, s'all good.

I love your clerk. He's so bad. xD

^ Kidd Kraddick
Mans-laughter is how I read that at first. XP And I realized... 'slaughter' has the word 'laughter' in it. That's messed up man. xD
kehehe. I ALWAYS grin when I get around to The Especially Happy Stick Man. (I've seen this picture several times now. And I 'm sure I'll continue to smile at it whenever I see it again!)
Well, I don't think there's any point if you don't amuse yourself! xD
June 7th, 2009
lulz. That was great! I just read all the way up to this point!