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Yuki The Hatter
You can either call me Yuki or Hatty.
Doesn't really matter I suppose, X3
I'm a yaoi fan, I admit it.
Do you have a problem with that? If so, I'm honestly sorry~ But I also don't care, in the same way.

I pretty much love everyone, it's hard to anger me. Play nice with me and I'll play nice with you. Simple as that~~

Sorry if I sounded kind of bitchy.

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I JUST saw this on deviantart. X3
We're glad to see you back, cher. Keep it up~

Now if I can just get the money to buy one. X3
Why am I getting a bad vibe off of this?
Update!~~ C:


Ohhh Kinny.
Awwwww~ Cute.
Mayhaps Crimson Spell, or Junjou Romantica?

Also his face in the first panel. Tee-hee.
Love you guys~ Hope everything turns out well.
The phrase, 'bible thumper' just took on a whole new meaning for me. XD
Pfffffft. I love Haru's mom so much.
What Drag said. I want a horse like that~
Oh wow, another one of the times I wish I had a debit card!
X3 *thinks of a certain song by Cyndi Lauper.
This lady reminds me WAAY to much of My Grandmother on my father's side.
Oh gosh her face.... They are sooooo screwed.
So very beautiful~