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January 31st, 2012
Hello there...

Long time no see... really long :(
I'm receiving a lot of questions when i will continue The Reids. The answer is - i really don't know. All the time i had a hope to upload some pages, but i couldn't handle it, and i finally decided to write something, to make the situation more clear.
As some of you may know i've had serious problems with tablet last year. I couldn't make the comic. It was fixed somehow in august-september (still don't know what was wrong).But my life situation was changed.
It turned out that i need a face bones surgery. It is extremaly expensive, at least for me, so since last year i'm working very hard to earn money for it (i already spent few thousands dollars, and even don't have a braces yet). I'm extremely tired (working all days drawing illustrations for one graphic studio and doing commissions). And when i have some free time i can't look at my tablet - i have enough drawing because of working. I really had hope to do some pages (well, I have only few new pages, but they are not translated :/ ) but i physically can't manage it. I'm very sorry for that, please forgive me. I hope to continue this comic one day, and make big come back.
I'm sorry that i made some of you so frustrated, you weren't familiar with my situation, so you might thought that i gave up this project and don't pay attention anymore. It's not true.
I'm Sorry again.
hello guys ;3;

i wanted to write here, that i'm so sorry for lack of updates :C
My current situation with projects is very hard. I have too much to do, plus i've get a small graphic job recently, so i'm grounded even more @3@
I want to say, that i don't want to give up this project absolutely. I'm just making a small hiatus on it. I have about 5-6more pages of the Reids, but i don't have a possibility to translate it at this moment, for some reasons. Also drawing is harder now. Actually, when i can't draw the reids atm, i decided to draw some of the final volume of Meago Saga, and i will do my best to translate and print it into english D:

I'm sorry for, that, and i hope you understand, and won't leave me. I will probably put som info on my DA or something, that i updated more of the reids~

kisses ;3;
p.s. life sux T__T
salis Bob's mom has two restaurants, and she's a reeeaally good cook (she hunted Bob's dad on her dishes, lol )

Emmy and Anishka I don't go anywhere, i will continue drawing the reids, even if i can't draw it on my compy. It will be slower, but still X3

kare_reiko cos ty, i jeszcze dlugo nie bedzie :C to akurat rysowalam przy okzaji jak bylam u babci XD

Keito123 aww dzieki <3
mam nadzieje ze drugi tom nie ukaze sie jakos mega pozno :C

And thank you all so much for support <3
I'm so slow with uploading, but here it is, another page 8D
@ krickett and RagTag
Unfortunately this is not tablet or hardware or software problem. I even have two tablets, and both works well, but everywhere except my house. If it was a broken tablet i'd buy a new one months ago.
It's my neighbours who are stealing the electricity, and make clasps, and my tablet feel it and don't want to work.
Only i can do is wait for they eviction.
I'm not dead :U

Bob's stupidity mode on here XD

Had a possibility to put another page, so here it is~ <3
tablet doesn't work, and unfortunately won't work in the near future :C
maybe if it will go too far, i will decide to draw the reids traditionally, but i will have to resign from gray shading. Plus, before that, i must finish current chapter in digital (can't change media in the middle of chapter)

p.s. i'm sorry for not replying on the previous page :C but i've read all comments <3
Liek omg o3o

No, tablet doesn't work yet OTL but i've had a possibility to make a page, so yeah -u-
I miss digitals so much T__T

dunno when there will be next page :C
October 9th, 2010
Hello gaiz
I'm really sorry for no any updates lately. I just don't have possibility to do it :C
I'm very tired with this situation with my tablet. I even don't know what to think about it.
What i want say, i won't stop make "The Reids". But i need to make a hiatus till the situation will clear, and the problem will solved. Also if i will have a possibility, i will try to make some uploads from time to time.

When the situation will back to normal, and i will be able to upload "The Reids" like earlier, i will let you know about it in my journal on my deviantart account (

I'm sorry for this again.
It's available by mail order ^^
All info is on my Deviantart account
August 17th, 2010
Chikage Godo
Yeah, many times, but it's not drivers fault, cause when i was on vacations, or in my grandma's place everything worked okay D:
August 17th, 2010

I'm sorry for no updates :C
I'm so frustrated, and depressed at the same time, cause even on my laptop cursor started shake recently. I wanted to go to my grandma place to draw some stuff, but laptop has broken down. So at this moment i don't have a possibility to draw in digital, i don't know how long it will go on.

I'm still wondering why any tablets aren't working in my house. I will still try to find a solution, but it's hard, me and my family are helpless, and don't know who might help us in this case :C

p.s. i have one page drew few days ago, but i need some time before i will upload it.

So yeah, i'm sorry again, i will try to update new pages as fast as possible.
and second one for today~
yay, welcome back ^^
sorry for being idle :C i had some reasons
but now i'm serving u two new pages. I don't know how fast i will upload more, it depends on current situation <:C
Hi there Yeah, sorry for lack of updates, my problem with tablet isn't solved yet, plus i was on two week vacations now, but i drew two pages there (i had no time for more) i will upload it soon.
I need to rest from 8h trip and manage some things right now.
Yeah, he talks to himself very often XD

I think it's enough ^^ thank you

a no dobrze wiedziec na przyszlosc C:
z rysowaniem watpie czy wypali, bo jak zachrzaniam siostrze lapa to mi sie przenosi na kompa, a rysowanie na laptopie na dluzsza mete nie wchodzi w gre bo tam nie ma nawet jakiejs konkretnej karty graficznej OTL caly szop sie wiesza ciagle, no masakra
nie mam pojecia jak to zrobic OTL juz pytalam sis ale ona tez nie wie :C
pozatym jak jak korzystam z lapa to moja sis gra na moim kompie (bo jej zabralam lapa XD ) wiec ciezko bedzie
Oh gawd, sorry for lack of updates, but i have problems with tablet again, plus it's too hot for drawing for me :C
And sorry for bad quality in this one. eh i can't stand drawing on the laptop :C the screen is just, omg so different than my PC screen Dx when i looked at this page here, i facepalmed OTL i will have to fix it for the print version

btw. I didn't know that there are any awards on SJ XD
anyways The Reids was nominated in romance category, if u want to vote on it go here -
Also check the rest comics 8D
So, i wanted to draw something colorful, but i failed, and decided to make another page of The Reids, i'm drawing new pages almost always when i'm failing at something and want to cheer myself.
don't tell me that i should fail often, i don't want XD

bleh, i dont like the shading in the first panel :C i will fix it for final (print) version i think, and maybe update it here later.
-Caps Locked one? XD
I'm so tired :C

but i so wanna upload new page >u< so yeah