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That removed a huge weight off my shoulders ;__; I'm very relieved to know that you don't hate me and that Louis is not actually bleeding O__O Thank you so much. And yes, NaOH is clear and colorless xD

I'm sorry again if ever I have caused you some unnecessary stress ;__;

I wish you the best of the best! \(>.<)/
Uhm... HI
I've dealt with some chemicals before especially NaOH in this past school year (high school).... I don't think it's that powerful to make you bleed. And if it is that powerful, at least one of groupmates, including me, would be lacking some skin of a finger or two by now O__O but then again we weren't poured on or something like Louis. Just [seriously] frequent spills here and there haha

BUT if you know it as a fact, feel free to ignore this silly comment of mine :)

P.S. I'm so sorry if I sound like an asshole. I just really love your comic so much that I want it to be the best it can be and trouble/hassle free as much as possible in the near future. I just simply wanted to help.


It IS corrosive but from what I read, to actually have a high concentrated NaOH that is enough to melt something, one needs to be affiliated with an university or some science organization. I don't think they'll be handing it over to high school students who tend to forget to follow safety protocols such as gloves, aprons, and goggles. Plus, it causes chemical burns. From what I've experienced, whenever some NaOH spills on my hand (see, no gloves hahaha), it feels slightly warm after a short while. No immediate injury or such :)

oh god I hope that you won't hate me especially since I was planning to enter a cover design D:


Now that I remember, my dog got spilled on by some chemical used to dissolve whatever clogs the drain which contains NaOH. It's really strong but he didn't bleed. Of course, he got burnt and there was some blood but he didn't bleeeeed bleed. It did cause him to have a bald spot for a while though ;_; poor baby
Mikaaa~ :(
Aw I just want to hug Mika right now... :( >:D< :(

And yes, we ARE insane... Insanely loving your comic :))
WHY YOU KISS ALEX, HUH?! YOU GOT YOUR CHANCE ALREADY, MR. PROF, SO BACK OFF!!! Mikaa~ Why didn't you just run down than hit the window? Wwhhhhyyyyy???
Oh joy... Sounds like me when I'm in my sarcastic mood :)))) Oh goodie! We get another pile of homework today! Whatta treat! :))) this was a stress reliever! Thanks so much! :D that, I mean it :))
Hurry hurry! Hug Alex from behind and say," "Don't touch other people's property!" KYAAA! Just do anything to keep Alex away from that guy! WAAAH!! Save him!
YIPEE! *does the happy dance*
Woah! It's a dream, right?! Right?! Right?! Right?! Sorry, I just ate chocolate XD Go! Go! Haru! Go! Go! \(^u^)/