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Legends is not in an alternate universe. It just takes place in the far future of the main universe.
Grey Wolf, spirits and stuff only exist if you are religious. If you are religious then Time Travel isn't possible because God wouldn't allow it.
Actually it wouldn't create a paradox, it would just create a new time line in which Mega Man didn't survive to become Quint and Wily didn't need to send Quint back because he already had defeated Mega Man. Quint would still exist, he just wouldn't be the reprogrammed version of the Mega Man he defeated he would be the reprogrammed Mega Man from his original time line.

That's the theory of time travel I subscribe to, it prevents paradoxes and makes time travel that much more of a possibility.
Anyone with half a brain already knows that The Flash is faster than Sonic seeing as Sonic can't go much faster than the speed of sound where as The Flash can travel many times the speed of light.

Also, Sonic is able to run on the surface of a body of water so it doesn't serve as proof.
Red shirts were not cannon fodder in TNG. Red Shirts only applies to TOS, in TNG it was Yellow Shirts.
PCs. There is no contest. Macs don't even come close.
Wily killed (and tried to feed her) her mother. Completely unbelievable that she would still have feelings for him.
How is it terrible of Grey Wolf to state the truth? A human can't breed with a rabbit, even if it is an anthropomorphic rabbit.

Of course, this is a sprite comic, so real life genetics and biology does not have to be accounted for.

Super Tails:

I uploaded them to tinypic, try that.
Haven't seen one of Knuckles but here is a CNish Tails and Super Tails (albeit they are pretty small sheets):

Tails: B.gif

Super Tails: r_CN_DbCs.png
First comment w00t!

Good comic. Cylent Nite's Shadow sprites are pretty awesome, can't wait to see what you do with them.
Ohh sorry for ruining the game for you :(. I haven't gotten that far yet myself either (only gotten like halfway) but that ending is pretty much so widely known that I am surprised anyone still thinks that he is a robot.
Pretty sure the whole "Shadow is a robot" thing was ended years ago with the true ending of Shadow The Hedgehog (you know, where it is revealed he is actually Shadow and not a robot).
I thought it said that he got WIDER with age.

Wouldn't have been surprising with how he scarfs down those chili dogs.
Poor Shadow D:
Here is Today's update. Skipped Monday so I could get back into the swing, what with having Saturday and Sunday updates last weekend. Anyways, a bunch of my friends kept panicking over whether or not the LHC was going to make a black hole and destroy the world. It probably won't, most scientists think it won't (a lot think it's outright impossible). Anyways, see you (hopefully) on Friday.
Here is Today's update. Incredibly late but it's still Sunday so ha! Anyways, new character. Villain. Find out more Tomorrow.
Ok, so, as you can see from the edit I made to Monday's comic, I had to reformat my hard drive so instead of Wednesday and Friday the comic updates Today and Tomorrow. Anyways, this is just a filler, because I thought it would be funny. See you Tomorrow.
Ok, so. All the people got teleported to some strange place. Ichigo is freaking out because first Naruto was able to hear him, and now everyone else can see him, and that just isn't supposed to happen when he is in shinigami mode. The eyes in the last panel kind of suck, but yeah. This is definitely not my best comic, but I thought doing it with this weird perspective would be a lot better than just having them stand around in a white space.
Here is Today's comic. Don't have time to talk, will later. See you Wednesday.

EDIT: I had to reformat my harddrive, so the comic will not be updated until Saturday and Sunday. Sorry :(