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Beautiful, as always. ^^
Aww man, I hope they hook up. The two in panel four, that is. XD (LOL) And oh my God, I adore Kaylee's memory.
lolz. I'm so glad you updated. ^^
She's so effing adorable. :3
I'm faving this!!!!!!!!!!!!!! XD
It just keeps getting more and more adorable~ ^^
YAY!!!! New Chapter!!! And you so deserve all those faves!
She looks so... Beautiful!!! And if I may ask, everyone says 'OTL', but what does it mean? ^^;
*WHACK!* Stupid Zak....
So AWESOME!!! I'm so glad I faved this! XD
I love this!!!!!!!! *Fangasm!* XD
Alright, An Update! (Awesome.) Zak is such a bitch. ...
So cute... T^T She hugged him baaaack!!!!!!!!!
Yay!!! An Update!!!!! (lol)

F U Zak. ...
It's like... STAB. (Right ththrough the heart.) T^T
(L.O.L.) XD Haha!!!! This guy's trying his very best, I'll give him that.
RRRRagh!!!!!! Freaking Zak! DX
Kyaa~! I just wanna hug her!
She is kinda like Tohru, Empress Pluto!!!! Not a whole lot, but there are similarities. T^T Her adorableness is killin' meh!