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Hai thar~ 8>
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ba-dum, it's Basil!! Sparkly and fab as ever~!
Congrats to those who figured it out x'D
Here's the man of the hour!
Weird caterpillar Conri sheds some light on the situation... kind of.
O w O who's this??????
sorry to post so late today, things are happening a lot"""
Carmi is here and her nose is all fucked up :V
double update woohoo------>
Oooh oops heads are falling............poor salamance
Also reminder that Patreon page is like 4 weeks ahead of public updates so if You want to read ahead~ it's just one dolla'!
@Guest: *SAI
@VioletTigerLily: ye, it's in the title of the chapter B'D
And aaa thank You!
@DrSmile: This guy gets it! (Yours is pretty dope too)
@Winter421: @Rocatex:
Idk what You are talking about, this is my favorite image I've ever found on the internet! How can You NOT love this Pikachu? And I mean, if it bothers You so much just go read this comic on Tapas like I have been telling everyone to for months. I just have my ginijka persona as avatar on there

OK so HEY I made a Patreon for this comic, finally! Here’s some cool junk You can get on there!:

-See updates few weeks ahead of everyone else (first 6 pages of the new chapter are all already on there)
-Get them in High res! You see, SJ and Tapas force me to compress my comic pages a lot to be small enough for the website, while on Patreon I can post crisp PNGs!
-Read side chapters as I make them! They’re like extra stories (mostly flashback about characters’ past!) that aren’t SUPER important to the main comic, but they’re still something I really want to share so I work on them whenever I can without any real schedule. They won’t see the light of day outside of Patreon, until they are fully finished. The one currently running is about Basil struggling to find a date for prom! And I already have 5 strips of it and more coming very soon.
-You can get Your OC in the comic!! There is more info about how that exactly works on the Patreon page, so please read it if this is something You’d be interested in!

If You can pledge, I would really appreciate it! (But don’t feel bad if You can’t, spreading the word about the comic and leaving me nice comments is a huge help too! )

@SenpaiMadeAnAccount: You're probs the first person to say they like him haha! x'D Thank You! He's def got... a bright future in front of him, just gotta learn some important stuff first.
@Ralend: Don't know what that is
(I have played like 3 games that aren't pokemon my entire life)
this chapter is going to get weird
This has little to do with the actual chapter (well, just a tiny bit), I'm just having fun B)
@FirstToBeLast: MAYBE B)