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@Senpai: he shows up in a couple chapters and joins Reg and Devi's band (8
Yeah I gotta take a little break. If You follow my undercover tumblr You might now life has been super busy for me lately and You know all the details but I don't wanna bore everyone with them here. Most important thing I have my little sister visiting from Poland right now, and hopefully later my friend, so I'm either gonna be on trips or having fun, or trying to make money so I can have fun lel.

I'm still gonna be working on the comic every now and then, but I would really love to not have the constant pressure of updating weekly for a little bit, especially at the volume I would like to. Hopefully this will also allow me to build up enough content to be ahead of schedule, so when I'm back on track even when I can't work on the comic for a week, I'll have something to post that I have drawn previously.

I might also make a few occasional updates that won't be actual pages, but just like fun extras etc. we will see. Might only post some of them on the tumblr blog (literally just search loserdex on tumblr and You'll find it if You don't already follow it) but again, depends on what they are, I'm not 100% all I know is I wanna drop You something nice from time to time while I'm away 8)

Alright, I think that is all, see You back in few months!
Evil child coalition~ =v=
Bwuh Bwuh

long time no see D:
@Guest: uuum yeah no, sorry I can't work Max into a light hearted comedy romance when his main thing is like... abuse and murder B'D
@Sophie-Wolf: Yeah but I mean I'm already juggling like 3 subplots in this chapter and can only draw like one page per week, if not less, so it's gonna take a while to get to things?? B'D"
I'm a one man show
@Lypis: She still is (8
Just has hard time dealing with it
@nataliexholland: Aaaaah thanks a lot, I'm glady You enjoy it!! ;O;
@Coltonvap: Okay sorry this comment makes me supper confused because
1)"Revi" sounds like a mash up of Reg and Devi and those are two different people so idk which one You mean
2)who the heck ships any of them with Alan? (8"""
3)The lady in the basement is Alan's cousin and also an adult and he's 13 soooo~ yeah"""
@Guest: ...they aren't in this comic at all"
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btw I really wanted to do a 3 page update and started early and everything but then I got an animation gig and now I have no time for anything 8(
so there's just one, sorry"
Hopefully I can at least do a double update next week.
@Coltonvap: nope! ;0
loving someone =/= wanting to frick them
/spoiler alert I guess
@Coltonvap: Lucas is straight as a ramp unfortunately, but him and Danae never go out B)
@GoldFlareon: Awww thanks so much, getting hella nice comments like this one means a ton and makes me want to keep going ('8 THANK YOU!

also hahah I'm so glad people actually remember KND, I was worried I'm too old and everyone would just be confused x'D"
@Lypis: I don't think so, Sherbet isn't technically ice cream :0
They're actually a scientific reason as to why proper grape flavored ice cream can't exist! Read Loserdex on Tapas if You want to help support me~!

ALSO Eyy sorry for not updating for a while and coming back with just one page q_q" I’m working on update for next week that is 3 pages long tho and I wanted to wait with it since it’s all part of one scene so it makes more sense to post them together aaaa

Drawing Lucas have a near death experience was strangely satisfying................
Charlie just came to the gym to drink his milkshake and contemplate life's mysteries. (I really hope everyone here watched KND....)

ALSO!! I started uplading this comic on Tapas over here:
It's a pretty cool website that hosts comics and I can actually make some money on it thanks to adds! ;o; I'll still be updating here, but I'd REALLY appreciate it if You follow the comic on Tapas as well, thanks!!
Lucas learns about dating.
Just kidding, he learns nothing.
@Micahjjg: shhh it's coming ;)