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@SenpaiMadeAnAccount: yay! 8D And well.... maybe You will x') It's just one story, really, but a disastrous one
@JJic: I can't decipher what this means tbh""""
These two have a bit of a history....
Tho Conri would NEVER really tell on Basil for something so small, but threatening it sure is a good way to shut him up when he's being nasty.
I'm now realizing just how this one story my friend wrote became a REALLY important part of the comic... I should really do a flashback chapter about it....

Also looking at this page now I REALLY don't like a lot of the bubble placement, sorry if it's confusing""
@BaconBub: To be fair I have been watching all my TV online so I don't know much about the actual TV in more traditional sense, but I feel like there definitely is some obscure artsy channel with stuff like this out there :0 Also if I'm not mistaken the video this is referencing was originally pieced together from a TV broadcast of the full performance

As for Lucas.... PFFF NAH he's just hanging out with Charlie and Conri
Hey it's my baby Basil! <3
Long time no see in this comic!
Also I hope You guys recognize...........................the thing. Tho maybe it's even funnier when You don't?
Anyway, this is my fav LoserDex page so far. I had so much fun working on it.
@NyannyCat: HA, as much as I LOVE reading theories like this and encourage them fully bc they're fun.... yes, You are reading into it a bit too much x'D

Really the title is inspired by this one manga my friend got way back in middle school and ABSOLUTELY HATED IT and lend me it just so I can see how bad it is. And that was back when my friend was super into cheesy yaoi stuff.
September 25th, 2017
Devi finds a fascinating (?) lecture. OH NO
September 22nd, 2017
@Raye: haha it's okay, Conri hasn't shown up in forever, first time in the very humble (terrible) beginning of this comic
They changed A LOT tbh from their older version tho it's okay since they didn't have that big of a part in the comic (but will now~!)
September 22nd, 2017
@BaconBub: not a vampire, just Your neighborhood bench-sleeping alcoholic (8
September 19th, 2017
I know I'm day late with an update but it's another 2-page one 8(" sorry these take forever

Anyway HEY Conri finally shows up! For the first time since their slight re-design and also for the first time in color, yay :0
I was looking forward to drawing this bastard again

AS ALWAYS remember to follow the comic on Tapas if You want to help support me! <3
September 19th, 2017
September 11th, 2017
Ana...saves... ...the day(???)
hey ho this is the first time she shows up since the reboot, and in color too!
And there will be another semi-debut like this next week so yay B'D <--remember to read the comic on tapas too if You want to help support me a bit! :0 ALSO!! I have tipping enabled now! Please throw me some tips if You like the comic!!
September 11th, 2017
Reg and Devi have fun at the beach! ;0
From my experience, You are either like Reg and realize full well You take unflattering pics but own it, or like Devi when You could as well be modeling 24/7 but for some reason are super self conscious about it and still claim You look terrible

Anyway, I was planning on finishing this little bonus thing sometime during vacation, but my family kinda made that impossible, plus I had some other stuff going on”“
But also, normal updates start back up next Monday, so yay!
@Senpai: he shows up in a couple chapters and joins Reg and Devi's band (8
Yeah I gotta take a little break. If You follow my undercover tumblr You might now life has been super busy for me lately and You know all the details but I don't wanna bore everyone with them here. Most important thing I have my little sister visiting from Poland right now, and hopefully later my friend, so I'm either gonna be on trips or having fun, or trying to make money so I can have fun lel.

I'm still gonna be working on the comic every now and then, but I would really love to not have the constant pressure of updating weekly for a little bit, especially at the volume I would like to. Hopefully this will also allow me to build up enough content to be ahead of schedule, so when I'm back on track even when I can't work on the comic for a week, I'll have something to post that I have drawn previously.

I might also make a few occasional updates that won't be actual pages, but just like fun extras etc. we will see. Might only post some of them on the tumblr blog (literally just search loserdex on tumblr and You'll find it if You don't already follow it) but again, depends on what they are, I'm not 100% all I know is I wanna drop You something nice from time to time while I'm away 8)

Alright, I think that is all, see You back in few months!
Evil child coalition~ =v=
Bwuh Bwuh

long time no see D:
@Guest: uuum yeah no, sorry I can't work Max into a light hearted comedy romance when his main thing is like... abuse and murder B'D