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@Ajira: Oh yes, of course I'm familiar with Sound Horizon, in fact Moira is one of the inspirations of this comic ^^ If you see some of the comments in the comic some of us were actually talking about the new albums and such. :D
And sorry that updates are nonexistent at the moment...
@super chao: *looks at date, too*
...*wry laugh*
@pfenix: it's a saying!
Basically Pea doesn't like N calling him arrogant because he thinks N's just as arrogant as him, maybe even worse.
@sakohju: I'm sorry that my other comic is on hiatus, I'm still struggling on the continuation ;w; and thank you for following this, too! <3
@Kaji Motomiya: What, is that so? D: I just knew... so that's why I see them more often in my normal run. OTL
August 26th, 2011
@Jamven1213: Maybe it is among the humans, like the Oedipus story, but not with the gods and goddesses. Zeus and Hera are brother and sister, anyway. 8D
Oh my O__O Waking up to this is such a surprise! I'm kind of speechless for now... just, thank you, everyone who voted! (/;A;)/
Obviously this is not the actual dialogue of the comic!
I should've tried to update with something proper, but... anyway! Just like the comic says, to my surprise, MYTHOLOL has been nominated for the 2011 SmackJeeves Awards! *3* The voting is up here:

The thing is, voting closes at 15th of August (I know, should've said sooner, right?). XD; This comic is up with excellent comics, so you should also try to read them; but if you vote on MYTHOLOL, multiple loves for you! X'D~~

And with that, Piyo out! (~*3*)~ (And please excuse me as I try to make a proper update! XD; )
I-I'm sorry, everyone! Soon! Maybe in 1 or two weeks... :'D;;;
Eh... how? XD; I don't know... I just looked at lots of bird images. More exactly ravens/crows for Thanatos and Hypnos, and vultures for Keres. They're not exactly accurate, though. xD
Ahahaha don't worry. Charon's based on traditional Grim Reapers, anyway. :D
Yes, yes it is! XD Pipipipi is my other account. :D
I scrolled down to see the comments, then I scrolled up and the witch's gone. I--I'm not easily scared but this... I'm so glad I watched this in broad daylight.
I think The Hunchback of Notre Dame is better suited for adult viewers, actually. Frollo is such a creep. I have the songs on my media player, they are amazing <3
Here's waiting for how this action scene ends! *3*
^^;; I am late late late. Oh, I shouldn't have opened my big mouth. At least this time this anniversary party comic will be finished, for real!
June 12th, 0:47 in my timezone
AAAAAA I couldn't make it, guys. I'm so sorry but I was away all day, and I'm just so tired right now ;A; I'll finish this by tomorrow morning (but now is technically "tomorrow", right?!) after I get some sleep!
Well. Goodbye sleep, let's see if I can make both work and Anniversary comic updates by tomorrow. Piyo out!
Oh? Well, since this is webcomic, that's really up to you! I'd suggest try them all, and which one you think looks best/you like better. And maybe check how they look in other monitors.
You see, in the beginning Mytholol was so inconsistent in style/size etc, because I was trying to figure that out, too. Even now I still think about what size could be better for this comic and what not, sometimes.
Good luck with your webcomic! :D
@Quinis: Hahaha he probably already did. We should all be sorry for that merchant 8D;
XDD Oh Hermes.
Anyway! I just got a job, so odds are updates will be even more sporadic from now on :'D I'll do my best to avoid that, though, so stay tuned, please! :'D