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wow, so much emotion in this page I want to cry but I'm in class. oO___Oo
Poor boy.
Death by fish! D<
and I agree with Gemini (guest)
He totally gave him a more peaceful death in drowning him rather than making him explode with lighting or something :3
Resurrection time for Poiseida.
NO!!!!! She should have just killed the pervert! O< OMG
so true.
I wish elves would have come and finished my assignment for me.
we can only dream can't we
The sleepy one is like me this week.
I've stayed up to 4 am the getting up at 7 am for school.
Oh well
I have 2 weeks off now.
Awww, she is adorable
I agree with HitnRunHeretic
So bad ass there xD
and I also agree with rainbowcrayon

Delphin should just be like
Have a bunch of dolphines fly out of his fist and hit the perv in the face xD
That would be entertaining...
har har har....
It sucks but its true.

damn ruby though....*cries in emo corner*
Get him Poseidon!
Kick is pedo ass
Damn that Pedo.
I hope he gets a very large ass beating from.
Then is fed to sharks D<
Go Delphin!!!!!!
Run Run Run!!!!
<<(@ O @)>>
uh oh, what happening in the last panel.
he better not have tricked her or I'mma gonna jump into the page and kick him in the balls and be her new prince.
Please be good ending to this @___ @
YAY! Happyness
there better be no sad ending to this D<
I love them
I agree with ImaginaryPerson!!!
Evil Pervert D<
kinda like my
poor girl
I feel her pain
I would react like that then realize and die of shock
Delphin sparkles <3