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Working on "A Monotonous Monopoly" which will be uploaded here <3
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ONLY temporary
Yeah, please bear with me ( ;_; )//

(ugly mouse-drawn chibi <3 XD )
This is really beautiful! I look really forward to read your comic!! :D
I truly apologize. I promised to update before friday and now it is tuesday night. lol.

School + cosplay has been taking up my time. And tomorrow I have to work 10 hours. Haha.
But please enjoy. I hope to throw in another page before my holidays ends! (and hopefully I will not have to wait another 23 days!)
September 25th, 2011

THANKS SO MUCH FOR 30 FANS ;W; Made my day when I saw it saturday evening!!!!
September 25th, 2011
Lovely art and really nice toning!
September 23rd, 2011
Lol I decided not to tone my pages so much anymore and then I end up toning them so much anyway....

Anyway, I tried a new font - I'm thinking about using it forwardly :) Do you like it?

Hehe... why do Amelia thank Lumina... :B
September 22nd, 2011
Beautiful art and the story looks interesting!
Gonna keep an eye on this one:D
September 16th, 2011
At last a new page :)! I was thinking about doing this to the page forwardly - just tone them very lightly and make the shadows black :3
It looks really nice! I usually do my 'inking' in photoshop as well and the best thing is that if there is something you want to change - it is easy!

Can't wait for another update oWo
Lovely, soft colours!
Love how you build up the page!

Yes it is a coloured page ^^ Promised you something special, right?
The fun thing is it didn't even take much longer than what a toned page would take...pretty scary (I tone so slow...)

And thanks so much for the comments :B I love reading comments so please keep posting on whatever you think about my comic! That will help me know what to work on (to become better) and how good my plot is haha.

Enjoy, my friends ♥
Very nice, shitty <3 :D I think you did a good job with the whole girlfriend thing oWo;;
Looking forward to moooarrr!
*kills your assignments*
Sorry, it has really been a while :) Starting in school again + work has been killing me, but here you got the next page. Thanks for still watching me! As a reward the next page will be...special! Stay tuned!
Finally an update >_> Sorry that it has been this long, but this page has been killing me (loads of people in it and BG) + I've just started at my new work ;w; ... and they somehow end up letting me work 10 hours each shift XD;; So.. it has been killing me this week and I have to work almost full-time next week ^^

(Ps. at the first panel Lumina is walking behind Eric<3)
Bob's face in the second last panel.....XD
Hahahahaha, last frame made me laugh out loud:D He's adorable!
...I love his face in third panel! :D
Thanks a lot for the comments ;w; <3

Eric's mother look kinda herpa derpa, but I just couldn't get her face right ;_; Nothing to do about it...

(Ps.: I can't draw cars. Just imagine that they drive in a super smart expensive car XD... deal?)
This comic is so beautiful <3 :D And I love the story!