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Well.... I can be nice but.... I just think it'll be better if they stay as background characters. But yeah, I guess I can handle it. Probably. ^^; I mean, I guess it wouldn't hurt if a character were to talk to em a bit.... Or whatever.... I mean, so long as no one tries to use em as a main character, then I'm sure I'd be able to live with it.... Ha ha. Whatever. I suppose if someone likes em enough to want to use em that badly then I won't stop em.
Tank arm?
Dude. That dude looks pretty angry about... something. Probably that tank thing on his arm. He just can't get it off. Ha ha.
Author's Notes
Hey guys! Who likes villains? I do!

Don't worry guys, I'll make this brief. :D
(Polonius brief)

Because, Overlord revealed (well it's not like he was keeping it a secret or anything...) that there is a super villain high school! -Because what's the use of super heroes if there isn't super villains?
So, without further ado, introducing Black Alice, Gangster Yellow, and Permanent Invader. (Please understand I'm not racist. It's just for humor sake.)
...and besides, Permanent Invader is, like, my favorite character...

So, There you have it. I'll be bringing these characters into the comic... hopefully soon...ish.
Author's Notes
OhmyGodzilla. I promise I'm not trolling the comic.

Don't worry guys, I'll make this brief.

So anyway. These'll be my... semi-main characters that'll I'll be playing with. They are (in order from left to right)Overlord, AirHeart, Modern Day Samurai. Yep. Modern Day Samurai has yet to be introduced into the story, but I'm sure he'll be showing soon. You're kinda getting spoilers by seeing my ridiculous character notes with these character designs, but whateves. So yeah, Our friend the super villain from ....whatever page he was from.... now has a name and a super power! Overlord! And he's super strong! Were you expecting that? No you weren't! I don't believe you! Don't lie! Lying is bad! Superheroes disapprove of lying! Shame on you!

Moving on.

AirHeart is... able to fly. Whooooooosh.....

Also, about the background. This is what happens when Background artist attempts to draw the high school. Yeah, it's supposed to be the high school. Don't worry, I'll probably find a reference picture before I attempt something like this again.

And that's about it! I'm doing better about keeping these things shorter, huh?
Author's Notes
So, I'm here again. Uploading pages.

Dudes, this'll be a brief author's comment. :D

I figure that since this is a collab, we kinda need to have pictures up of the characters, so we all know how to draw 'em. Amirite?

So here are two characters: Background Artist and Idea guy. (Yes, those are their super hero names. That is what you should call them) Use the characters as you see fit. ^^

Their only requirement is that they remain background characters. They MUST be background characters. The main characters cannot interact with them. These characters are only to be seen in the background.

The reason for these characters creation was because, well, this is high school, so there are going to be background characters: the students. -And I've always found it a pain to make up random backup characters whilst in the middle of drawing important storyline pictures etc.
So this will hopefully make things less painful in the long run to have ready available background characters. Background characters. I feel like I've said that a lot today. Meh.

So anyway, drawing-wise don't really worry about Idea Guy's hair. So long as it's very messy and going every which way. And make sure he's wearing his goggles. Their clothes are pretty standard. Shouldn't be tooo difficult to draw. So yeah, don't worry about it too much. There's really no reason to stress out over if they look right because they're (everybody with me now) background characters! (YAY) And they're here to make your life easier really. ^^

What are these long Author's Notes? I don't even...
Author's Notes
The lazy NeonCarrot emerges! I can upload my own pages...

Hey peeps. This Author's note will be brief. ...or my name isn't Fantasmigorical Overlord. xD (Maybe it is, meybe it isn't. Guess mah name!)

So, introducing some of the student characters. None of their names have been stated yet, I know. But I'm sure they'll be named in the next page or so...

Regarding the Civilian Dude's skin: I swear the color pencil said pale flesh. Apparently pale flesh is yellow. Meh.

Regarding the chairs: You know... Those chairs that they're sitting on? They're there, I promise. I was looking at the page, wondering if I had forgotten to color anything when I realized I hadn't colored the chairs! So checking the page for any color that I hadn't used yet, (and wasn't an extremely absurd color, no pink.) I decided to go with purple! YAY PURPLEZ! :D

This seems like a pretty long comment, huh? Meh.

And the moral of this page is: Keep jelly of doom away from your work.
Dear god...
look at these comments....
And all I wanted to do was point out how funny the whole "Unless you're planning to stalk me, that is" comment was.
Just plain hilarious! XD
Yayz!! I can't wait for the next page. This story is most excellant!