Finishing a buffer for 'The Forest' while currently working on a novel on Wattpad. Until then, you're welcome to check my project statuses on twitter or projects themselves at the links below:

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Beth, don't you reciprocate! You have a Kenneth, remember? D:
Yay! You're back! :D Gorgeous cover. *_* And I'm excited to see what's gonna happen this chapter. :D
Yay! I loved the Kenneth/Beth scenes and development, but definitely been looking forward to seeing these two again. ^_^ I'm kind of curious how Beth will interact around Lawrence now after getting closer to her fiancee. Also, I'm curious how Lawrence will act around Beth after the revelation he had with Madelina. :o
Yay! A Monday update~~~! That top panel looks amazing and I love the camera angle you drew the view at. *o*
It hurts to breathe. Every time that you're not next to me. Her mind's made up. The girl is gone. And now I'm forced to see. I think I'm on my way. Oh, it hurts to live today. And she says don't you wish you were dead like me.
Aww, this is cute~~~! I love the line art and colors! <3 Looking forward to the updates (so long as it's convenient)! And Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to you as well. :D
December 23rd, 2016
@EmmaVieceli: Sorry for the late reply. Uh...It's been sitting in my list of favorites for a while, since I have a bad habit of faving things that look interesting and then taking a while to read them. x'D But usually, I find them on the front page of SJ under the new release, most popular, or sponsored comics area.

But the art and writing is great. :]
The future for Doppelganger
As a thank you for the 90 fans that kept this story in their favs, here are minimal spoiler scenes for the next four chapters of Doppelganger.

Since smackjeeves are adding a new cover feature, and I don't want to make a cover for this comic, I will still hiding this comic on Tuesday and continue to while Doppelganger is on hiatus.

If you want more info about this comic or what comic work I will be doing, check out this news post.
@SoulNavo: Wow, took me forever to reply. Sorry. TT_TT But thank you for letting me know. I had the images hosted on imagesshack, but the website no longer offers free image hosting and delete my images. I've rehosted all of them on a new site. So, you should be able to see them all again (except page 35, which I've seemed to have lost. :[ ).
Merritt, nooooo~~~! DDDDD:

Well, hopefully, the bar tender will stop being a douche-canoe and will bust this thing up now that the cardinal rule has been broken. >:[
August 18th, 2016
Whelp, glad this is the page I found this comic on. <3u<3 Must've been a nightmare waiting up to this page. X'D
This comic looks so pretty. *_* -faves-
I'm kind of curious if this is all in his head or he's saying this out loud and the other guys are just like "da faq?" xD

Also, I'm kind of glad he's being the better person and resisting this "demon", but now I'm curious how he's gonna get away from the those guys. D:
Pogo, you keep that up, you're gonna get caught. xD
Oh? Who's this? (Love her design, btw) :o
Aww, must be tough not even having reliable allies like friends. D: Maybe Pogo can be an exception with his above ground influence? :D Excluding the demon-thing going on... ^_^'

And thanks for letting us know about the break. Hope your holiday celebrations go well~~~! :D
Scene change, eh? Curious how this pertains to the intro. I do see le math book though. ;D
Usually I'm not a big fan of intro monolgues, but this is actually really well done with the imagery and the way it's worded. Curious to see where it's going. :3
So adorable. *_*

And looking forward to hearing how Lawrence is doing. :]
November 29th, 2015
lol cleaning never looked more epic. xD