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Ugh, that sucks! Look after yourself first though, not the comic! Hopefully everything calms down for you after the holidays and you can have some time to yourself to to relax.

Love the doodles.
Get thee to a nunnery!
/Oh, Shakespeare jokes. I'm just that edgy.
I'm surprised that Simon could be that much of a gentleman. :P
Hope you enjoy it. : D
lol. Me too. Though... I couldn't really remember what he looked like anymore so there are probably some glaring continuity errors. Well... It's the same jist, at least. lol.

...And, your avatar is my favourite episode from Season 3 of The Mighty Boosh. : D
What is this? O: A page.
Yeah, I finally drew a page. ...In my boring lecture. Haha. I've had these thumbnails drawn for months and have just been procrastinating. /cough. Anyway, this is the second last page of chapter 2 (yay) so I'll draw the next page in my lecture again next week. Hah. /work ethic
lol. xD Oh dear... Please don't. :P Australian accents are horrible. ...Especially fake ones. lol.
@Salome: Shhh... Mills is Theo's oblivious crush! Highschool kids give Valentine's to their crushes, right? e___e
I don't know... Highschool was a while ago. Plus I never gave Valentines to anyone.. xD lol.
I will reassure myself with the fact that it's just a comic and not accurate. :P /Because I don't know anything about South Africa, for starters. lol.
Rofl. I love how Kani has kept his facial hair... xD

I vote... Festival romance. Oooh~
Happy Valentine's Day
This isn't a real update... But hey, while it may be a filler at least it's a vaguely cannon comic filler. Let's just pretend this takes place before the start of our fair comic, back when they were, you know, have normal lives at school.

So Happy Valentine's Day/Singles Awareness Day everybody! Have a good one celebrating with your loved one. ...Or not. lol. : D
Hmm... I've been wondering the past few pages... Why doesn't Val have a tail when Zadel does? P: Or does that count as an asking a character question...?
lol. This comic makes me happy. I enjoy the frivolity. Nice art style.
Another upload?
Yeah, what's this? Another comic page in good time. Crazy!


Panel 1: Yeah, Jack is a slow runner. Actually, I'm pretty sure Theo would be slower because he's more of a books kind of guy... Hm.
Panel 2 and 3: Oh no! ...Yeah, he tripped over a rock. Hoping that's pretty clear. > >
Panel 4: He cares about you! ...In a platonic way. Purely platonic. ...Hahah. /oh man the private jokes.
Panel 5: ...I wanted Mills to be looking the way they were running and not at Theo to avoid it looking like some corny romantic moment.
Panel 6: Haha. Jack. Always in there with the snarky comment, even when running away from illegal activities.
Well... It could happen. lol

Disturbingly, you can buy wallets made from the bodies of dead toads in Australia.

@Salome: Yep. Haha. We really wanted him to be wearing a stripey nightgown and nightcap... With a bunch of dead animal parts/animal skulls. That rat will just become a fashion accessory in the future.
Omg wtf.
It's an actual page! Hell has possibly frozen over!

I forgot to write the page number on the page. ...But oh well. Who cares because there's an actual update! And it's so boring... I'm sorry. ):

But look, it's the crazy old guy! Looking crazy and hopefully old. Dx
Haha. I love Kronk.
Yay, you're back. :'D
Rofl. Obviously. :P
Yeah, I realised the sentence was stupid when I saw this again the other day. Dx Hm.