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I like William Faulkner, Flannery O'Connor, Kierkegaard, Slim Cessna's Auto Club and Munly Munly, 16 Horsepower, Arthur Rackham, the Decemberists, the Pogues, Tom Waits, Gillian Welch, Neko Case, Old Crow Medicine Show, Florence and the Machine, Rob Zombie, Cab Calloway, Leonard Cohen, the Coen Brothers, Marvel comics, Old Norse, banjos, mythology, Deadwood, Northlanders, The Goon, sleep, and Nick Cave. If you like any of these things, I think we'll get along famously!
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@MomotheGreat: That is actually very helpful, thank you!
So basically you have a fantastic style and I love reading this. The colour and texture are fantastic. Characters are pretty interesting; they strike the right balance of quirky and charming, and it doesn't look like you're trying at all. It's all very natural! Definitely awesome.
So guys. School started, which means I'm moving updates to Saturday nights (PST - Seattle, dudebros).
Also, I'm still mucking about with format and type choices. Do you guys like the size of pages 8 and 9? Do you prefer the type in page 8 to page 9? Leave me some feedback! I love critique.

EDIT: For anybody checking this site today, the update may actually come tomorrow night. School, concerts, life... you know the drill.
@Maybe later: Yes it is! I pretty much just do everything in a Strathmore sketchpad and take it into Sketchbook Pro to colour digitally and add some extra toning. I'm glad you're enjoying it, and definitely hope that you keep enjoying it!
Okay, so not only did I fail to update Friday, but this page is obviously lacking. If I can get stuff together in time, I'll have one more page for you guys on Monday to make up for it <3
@eightfoilroses - I'm glad you like it, and I'm 98% sure that this will update once a week so you should definitely not have a problem finding more of it to read! Also, thank you for reading.
There is officially one more page until Plot kicks in. It's gonna be great, guys. And pointy.

ETA: Sorry guys! Update comes tomorrow (Saturday) because I had a school thing and didn't have time to colour the page. But tomorrow it is uploaded.
As promised, an second update! Regular updates resume next week - thanks for dealing with that stuff, guys. By the way, we are so close to things actually happening that I can practically taste it.
Hey guys! Sorry about that update gap, I had no scanner and the scanners I was using were unreliable. So this comic was meant to be up last week, and you're getting one on Friday! Hurray updates!
So, pretty much officially this comic updates weekly on Fridays.
Next week there may not be an update (because I will not be around a scanner), but I'll make sure you guys at least get a sketch or a painting.
As always, I love and appreciate your feedback, so feel free to comment or head on over to tumblr and leave a note in my ask box ( ).

I also tend to update tumblr multiple times a week with sketches and work pertaining to LSM, so those of you interested in that can head to this LSM tagged page here: on!
And onwards. Soon crap'll actually. You know. Happen.
Early update happens due to stuff happening tomorrow.
If I hammer out enough pages, there'll be two next week so things will actually start happening. Until then, have a mohawk.
So in case I forgot to say it last time which I guess I did, this comic WAS Dirty,Filthy. And it kind of still is. You just never got to see the part this comic is going to be.

Page one! Not much is happening yet. Next week you'll get a full face (and cookies!).

Soon, up in the tabs, there'll be a disclaimer posted. Because, as an ex-purist, I feel the need to include one.

Also, for those of you interested in behind the scenes/wips/character sketches, check out my tumblr (links are everywhere). It is updated constantly.
Would you look at that.
And we're back.

We are 90% different, but we're back.

Expect weekly updates.
September 1st, 2010
I'm so glad this is updating again!
I just read this whole thing, and I am not only amused but horribly intrigued! Kristina is my FAVORITE OMG.
February 19th, 2010
I love the shading you're using here - very nice! Def. faving this.