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Late update is late. But hell, I just crushed one of the biggest art blocks ever
and managed to whip up a whole page in 4 hours. I'm so high >u>''' haha

Today I was informed that Wolfen got nominated for the best B&W art of 2009 award on TWCL.
It feels kind of weird to see your comic competing against so professional looking works,
but damn, I'M SO HAPPY! ;^;

So lots of love to whoever suggested Wolfen on TWCL and to:

LegolianM, Johlin, StellaCadente♥, Amante-kun,
SuperBiasedMan, Zosiacchi, Blix, Deepcheese and Czar Squid

for suggesting Wolfen for the SJ Awards '10 <3

And YOU! Yes, you!
Thank you for reading my comic, you're awesome : D <3

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Sorry it took me so long ;^;
But I'm not coming empty handed, I used this time to improve my style a bit.
I guess the heavier shadows are quite obvious but I worked on faces too, honestly D:

And please, don't forget to VOTE~!
Motivate me to become a better comic artist! >u< <3

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(so sorry for the lateness orz)

@Dollottie: oh you XD Thanks, so would I :'D

@zorrin: You just made me so happy, you have no idea ;^; <3

@Kala: Thank you >u< I'm quite proud of it too c:

@Molly-sama: XD <3

@baeduxai: XD' Aw crap, I really need to start updating systematically :'D

@Jedigal16: Argh, I finally have to see that show D:

@hiruda: darn, I guess I really have to go back and fix that page XD' He got hit, not shot :'D

@rainysidewalks: Thanks a lot >u< <3

@maddya333: XDDD haha I like making things complicated :B

@P!K: Just when I thought no one would guess that he's actually a sex slave... XDDD' Haha through the last year I sure developed an item/bg fetish XD'

@xNOVAx: Thank you! ;u; <3

@pwii: thanks c:

@Qwchestr: <3 <3 <3 >u< Thank you so much : D I'm really happy you like those shadows XD yay!

@*milk+assassin*: That's because I'm an ass XD' *get's punched in the face*

@keoko-dono: KU KU KU... I'm too evil too speed things up or make more updates XD'

@manga_junkie: Have... to fight... the urge... to spoiler... DDD: UGHHHH
January 10th, 2010
This comic totally made my day >u<
ahh sooo cute! >u<
(I think I know who you are too c:)
Aurelian is right, you're truly amazing D: I'm loving every bit of it so far and can't wait for more >u<
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I need to stop drawing these in the last few hours of the day >^>'''

Please VOTE~! It'll give me lots of motivation if you will! >u< <3

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(so sorry for the lateness orz')

@Authorized Cannibal: Thank you >u<

@Risques: Thanks c:

@Kuro-Neko-Chan: haha thanks : D

@cowlover2: <3 c:

@Itoshii: Thank you >u<

@StellaCadente: Dzięki : D Spokojnie, aż takie magiczne to to miasto nie jest :'D

@Fallen_Wing: Thanks a lot <3 : D Happy you liked the bottom panel, it took me forever >u<'

@rainysidewalks: Thank you >u< <3

@Nosecks: LOL XD I think he would actually appreciate being locked in your comfy basement XD''' Darn, that sounds so weird XDD'
Oh you, cheating like that! XD

@Kaz: Thank you so much! <3

@katiejuby: haha <3 no worries, it's not like knowledge would help him much >:

@Bubblesita: ARGHHHH I feel like such an ass for not answering these comments erlier now DDDDx SO SORRY >^< <3 Love you <3 ;^;

@Micchiru: oh, I wonde3red how it worked XD' thanks <3

@GRENZENLOS: haha Thanks XDD Does it bother you much when the page takes some more time to load? D: I've been saving them it the highest quality possible but it's really unnecessary and I could drop a few kb so it would load quicker. Would you like that? '^'

@Guest: why thank you my mysterious guest <3 : D

@rosie-lol: XD So happy you like it! Thank you >u<

@Kiyumi: Thank you c:

@alarnia: haha thanks a lot! : D

@keoko-dono: *reflection reaches out and rapes him* holy crud D8
¶wietnie siê zapowiada >u<
tylko dobrze, ¿e zaznaczy³a¶ w jakim s± wieku. gdyby nie to za³o¿y³abym, ¿e Emily ma jakie¶ 15, a Mina 20 lat >^>'
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<img src=""&g t;

Rushed page is rushed.
But hey! It's on time!>u<'''''' (I still have 1h lol)

I really wanted to do some solid black shading in the middle panel
but I just couldn't get it to look decent. I might get back to it orz''

Please VOTE~! It'll give me lots of motivation if you will! >u< <3

<img src=""&g t;</div>


@Jemmi: Thanks : D ...crap, I never watched Matrix D: I knew this would make embarrassed one day haha XD' And thank you for voting! I really appreciate it <3 >u<

@Risques: You have no idea how happy the fact that you like the middle panel this way makes me ;^; Thanks <3

@WhitexNoise: lol, no XD I guess I put that black bit in his hand on a different layer by accident, and didn't hide it XD'

@GRENZENLOS: hahaha XDDD I dunno, for the lulz? XD'

@Yuri-pad: I did, but it came out kind of unnatural and I didn't know how to fix it :x''

@Wisteria: Thanks : D

@hiruda: LOL XD well, there's definitely no cookies for him in there XD

@zorrin: Thank you! : D Crap, now that I checked your profile I have to say... I've been honestly doing the same thing about your comic >^>'''''' Fixing it right now, for great justice and Hoshi's cuteness XD <3

@beasthunt: spoko luz, to nie kolejny ripoff alicji : D' lustra sa niegrozne, za reszte nie odpowiadam

@crapcarp: Nope : D I never read it either, but thanks to google I know it has something to do with cannibalism >^>' As far as I know there's also a town in Germany, a horror movie and a webcomic about werewolves under the same name XD

@Nosecks: Well, he'll definitely appear at some point, but not quite yet 'u'

@Fallen_Wing: Haha, yes, drawing lapis was hard : D and I'm kind of happy I don't have to draw him anymore now XD' if you want to say anything more, please do! <3 I'm pretty sure I'll be able to understand you, your english is pretty good : D
November 29th, 2009
That was plain awesome D:
Seriously, the story was just great. I only wish it was longer XD' But then again, it wouldn't have that much impact if it was >^>'
I can't wait for the next chapter >u< <3
<div align="center">

VOTE~! <3

<img src=""&g t;

Thank you for all the comments, faves, votes and the spotlight! <3

Sorry for being so inactive lately orz'' I finally finished the evil project of futility and
have lots of free time again >u< haha~!
So from now on I'll (try) to update every Wednesday >A<

I'll answer all the comments and messages tomorrow,
it's 5 a.m. in here and I'm really REALLY sleepy z^z

<img src=""&g t;</div>


@baeduxai: Oh crap D: I should've had double checked it before saving DX I hate it when I make typos that spellcheck doesn't underline >^>' I'll fix it right away! Thanks a lot for noticing! : D

@Herorider: Haha thanks! : D I don't really know how to use them yet, that's why there's only so few of them XD''

@WhitexNoise: I know, everyone thought so >^> But couldn't really come up with another way of showing him getting hit without showing who attacked him and what hit him >^<''' That would just spoil all the fun >^>'

@StellaCadente: Ciii~ XD Wszyscy juz zapomnieli o tamtym banerze :'D Jestes obecnie jedyna doinformowana XD

@Yuri-pad: It healed! XD It was pretty good to begin with, he just didn't tear the thread out so it stayed shut >u>

@DragonHaze: Thank you so much! Also, It's good to know that advertising on dA works XD

@GRENZENLOS: IMMA GETTIN PREPARED 8D I don't think I mentioned it before, but I really love your avatar XDD It's awesome : D

@keoko-dono: LOL I'd like someone to read me bed time stories D: >':

@*milk+assassin*: That would be the most boring comic evar XDD haha thanks : D' <3

@manga_junkie: Oh just you wait, this is only the beginning KUKUKUKU

@Dear Guest: Thank you! <3 I'm really happy you liked it : D

@Amyeyl: Ah thank you so much! <3 Actually, I more than suck at tones, they are my archenemy >^>'
Poor Andy, as soon as something nice happens, there's something awful sure to be next in line...
Tell Jack you can borrow him a jar if he follows you home! >^>'''
Lovely art style, great shots and very appealing bgs. Can't say much story-wise, but I get a good feeling from those 6 pages. :D I only wish the font was more dramatic, to fit the comic better. Otherwise it's pure genius so far <3
November 11th, 2009
Darn, he's so cute >u<
I just want to hug him .A.
<div align="center"><img src=""&g t;

VOTE~! <3

homg a new page! sorry for the lateness >^>'

EDIT: aw crap.
I guess I should've drawn page 15 better >^>'
He didn't get shotm it was more of a hit/slash thing. I just didn't want to show the thing he got hurt with and most definitely not the one who did it, as showing either would spoil all the fun.

so sorry for making it seem different >^<'''''

<img src=""&g t;</div>

@SomethingisAmisss: Nah, that would be too obvious xD

@Sepapa: Haha thanks :'D

@Flore: Thanks a lot! : D

@Bubblesita: Naaah, that would get boring soon XD I have much more interesting plans >u> kekekeke

@Nosecks: You have no idea how I want do draw a full-body shot of the other characters already... D: But I can't, not yet ;^; Haha, yes, I got tired of always drawing him from the same side all the time, so his opened eye would show xD'

@Arkngel: Well, I did, but I don't really know spanish >^>; so I didn't get it all, but looks nice art wise.

@Daitoshi: Thank you : D I don't relly want to publish it, if I did I wouldn't be able to publish it here anymore >':

@SunshineMoonlight: Thanks a lot x3

@ZeroSnake: Haha thanks XD

@johlin: Thanks! : D I'll do my best >u<

@Paliana: Haha XD Thank you, I'm happy you read it x3 Kind of makes me wonder, how many people actually faved it and never read it XDD

@Alexa :3: Thank you! I'm really happy you liked it >u<

@Drawkill: Thanks a lot : D

@GRENZENLOS: YAY YOU'RE BACK! XD <3 Arghhh evil computer, how cold he do something like that to you?! D': Anyway, I'm happy you managed to find a way out of it : D <3 <3

@narutoultra: Thanks : D
that's some manly embroidery you have there, sir
and yes, superfetation is possible
<div align="center"><img src=""&g t;

We're parting with granny for now, but she still has an important role to play~

I'll answer all the comments tomorrow <3
I got my flu shot yesterday and now I'm burning with high fever, dang...

<img src=""&g t;


@*milk+assassin*: *aw crap, I just noticed I accidental deleted my response to your comment D: so sorry* So true, there's a lot of lonely people out there ;^; I once took part in a project where we were pen pals with elderly people, and my granny was really nice ;^; I cried like a little child when I learned that she stopped answering my letters because she died Y^Y

@CitrusBee: no no no, he didn't die >^<

@blackpickles: yup v_v

@MayIsL0ve: I looked that song up, I wonder how old is that kid singing it XD

@Bubblesita: ...there are medicines that you have to inhale? D: holly crap, my country really is behind the whole world XD'''

@TinyDog: It was more of my body trying to kill the flu... which was already dead to begin with XD' Luckily I was sick only for a few days

@keoko-dono: I know right? XDDD
But seriously, it makes sense in the end, I wish I could just jump in with all the action and explanations, just like that... darn it

@KrysYuki: Thank you <3 >u<

@Yuri-pad: I'm perfectly fine already and working on a few more pages >u<

@Loom: Thank you so much! ;^; <3<3<3

@emruki: yep, definitely "bigger" >u>

@Darzell: Thanks : D I never played/watched/read Fall of Cthulu D: gotta ask google >u>
October 27th, 2009
This comic looks really promising so far :D
Your art style is great and I really like the composition of your pages.
<div align="centre"><img src=""&g t;

aw crap...

I wanted to do this for some time now, tehe~
<img src=" quot;>

<img src=""&g t;</div>


@Yamataro: >u<

@Cheesecake for Everyone: nonono! he didn't get shot, I'm not THAT cruel... oh wait, I am. But still he didn't get shot XD

@StellaCadente: Chcia�abym zna� taki kod XD Spoko loco, ja nie z tych co ubijaj� swoich bohaterów, ani z tych którzy robi� z nich nie�miertelnych ninja bez powodu XD

@hiruda: ho ho ho... he's fine, just some blood loss and a little concussion

@Bubblesita: LOL when it comes to Spanish all I know is how to count to 3... XD'

@Authorized Cannibal: Thank you <3 >u<

@Yukitto: Yep, definitely not good XD

@Nosecks: Actually that's my own absolutely unanatomical creation XDD He got hit... by an invisible force... cause I don't want to spoil >^<

@SunshineMoonlight: Oh you evil XD'

@emruki: That's quite optimistic XD

@keoko-dono: XDDDD''' LOL
amazing details oAo
The first panel is astonishing :D
wow that's a really great story : D
I'm looking forward to more >u<