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Getting some much needed help. But can this guy be trusted?
Yes, what IS going to happen to you?
Asking for help is always hard.
The arrival of strangers.
February 10th, 2019
Looks like a glimpse of a flashback or memory.
New Cover, New Beginning
Here is the new cover for the new, updated comic.
No, this is too sad. What they are doing is hurtful to both of them. It's really upsetting.
Oh shit. Arco's ready!
His baby has been defiled!

Ha, Arco's face. He is both horrified, furious, and ready to go at the same time.
You know, this (Arco) and Maple Effect are probably two of the only comics I still really look forward to updates for anymore. You are doing an amazing job with the story and art for both.

And the suspense here is keeping your readers coming back. Keep it up. <3
Oh noooo! This is already too upsetting!
September 26th, 2014
I am definitely sensing more Horus in her now. Good to see she's becoming like our favorite parent of the series.
Also @Cynxcity, and everyone, it wouldn't be a far stretch to assume that Dake didn't hit her because she's pregnant. Even though he's angry he probably has enough sense to know, one doesn't just hit a pregnant woman (even if they deserve it). But in his anger wasn't able to clearly speak his feelings (i.e., using sexist language to reason with his decision not to hit her).

At least one would hope.
God damn it! Found a new favorite comic today.
Yep, cannibals. The lot of them. You sure know your strange bluff tribe anthropology, eh Luka?

But they are people, surely they can help.
Here is the first page of chapter one. Here's to more pages in the future. Haha!
New Chapter Cover Page for Color Update - Hope you guys enjoy!
I love Chris was like-- NO.
I love Hidukul's face. He's like, "really?"
Oh man You pulled a Minaj. Lovely.