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Not in cruelty
Not in wrath
The reaper came today;
An angel visited
this gray path,
And took the cube away

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They're all so good.

I especially like grovylegoodbye's
Haha, They're perfect

I've put up a question on the contest page, and putting this here just in case you don't notice it. :P
Haha I've been reading since chapter two, but I've been pretty quiet lately. Still good work!

Now I just have to think up something to draw.
For the drawing contest, can it be characters from all the chapters, or just ones from the latest chapters? (e.g a character like Orbie who hasn't appeared in ages). Either way, It'll be fun!

Also my favorite character has to be squishy, He is so adorable, especially the scene with him embarrassed about where eggs come from.
Looking good so far!
@Kurona: Who said jirachi was level 5? It could be level 100 for all we know
November 8th, 2014
Wait, does this mean they knew what they were getting into? They don't seem too surprised, also with the ninetails saying "they actually worked", I'm going to assume they did.

IT might be munna or musharna...
I cant see this page or the last page, why?
And you are?
What is this madness?

I just reread this comic yesterday because I was bored... What is your scheme?
Sayning something...

*Insert supporive advice here*
What about ingo...

he looks like luigi!
Monicle, suit, top hat, cane. fake mustache.

Then they will be complete.
Totally here...
Seven years foreshadowng!

What will saria say when link disapears for seven years and finds out that he's engaged to ruto
Are you doing it up to mew or are you stopping at mewtwo?
Two solutions:

he IS standing next to a tree...

Thats what link's bottles are for...
I just love the beaches, volcanos and everything about hoenn!