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August 17th, 2011
that is the cutest hat ever, and mynas face in the last panel is disturbing
May 18th, 2011
i always thought it was pronounced
November 11th, 2010
imagine how fast poor little mouse would have to be running to keep up with the giraffe
OMG NATHANIAL!!!! D: please be ok!!!
awww poor little DT :(
first thing i noticed was that the colouring looked heaps shinier and more smooth looking, so congrats xD

and haha tommy is so discreet, love dakes face

dawwwww jameson is so cute

and i hope tommy has fun licking the knife lol xDD

and omg eilas dad knows tommys...thats creepy

hahahaha the new about me stuff is hilarious, i'll have to get some tacos and milk xD
WOW look at all that happy!!
suprise buttsecks!

hehehe that my opinion anyway

and woo comment virginity too :D
awwwww no mpreg *pouty face*

my enthusiasmin the story -50


will still read it, i like mermen
you say that the story is about a shark god getting it on with a male human and having babies, does that mean there will be mpreg?? if soo i will be very happy, cause i looove mpreg xDD
awww Video, im sure you're cool too =D

and hehe poor tommy

and yourg tommy has the same face shape as Eila (in my opinion) xD
omg either vanilla is HUGE or jura is tinyyyy xD

his neck looks a little short too, but despite that CUTEST PIC EVER

and poor soki, those scratches look like they'd hurt
hehhehe sweeet

comment virginity!
awww it looks great =D
nawww poor monday, and i love clover
i think he would look sexy with only the apron on too ;D
weird michael looks kinda like my friends dad in the last panel xDD
congratz on 222 comics!