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Sleep = 10%
History = 90%
Writing = 90%

I'm so weird I know.P:

Oh another note, I enjoy reading this comic! I like the art style you have and I don't mind the storyplot being slow.:)

I love how he doesn't even try to question how his boss just magically went through the desk.xD

Anyways, I love your artwork!!!!@/.\@
Why doesn't our teacher teach us stuff like this??
Awwwww!!!I feel bad for her!!!D:
But she's crazy!D:
Oh wow, we're learning the same thing in our history class.
December 6th, 2010
Hope she gets her bitchness handed back to her.>:C
I think Going Under by Evanescence fits Bernadette in my opinion.
Why'd I fav this? 'Cause I'm awesome like that.:P
lol, stories about Death peaks my interest. Because who can't love a good Death story? :3
(I actually discovered this comic from Gaia and it ish awesome!!)
Rei looks like he's about to kill someone.xD

I love this comic.=3
Oh snap! I haven't read the book but I've watched the movie.:O