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Not to much to know I'm working on a comic I started back in middle school I hope it will take me come where.

Likes: Reading, Drawing, Yaoi, hanging w/ friends
fave. movies: Star Treck, Van Helsing, the Death Note movies, Sleepy Hollow and many more.
fave. Books: Harry Potter, The Grey Griffins sceries (done by Derek Benz and J.S. Lewis check it out!!), The Vampire Files, and aagain many more.
fave. anime:.......... Don't get me started...(I am such and anime nerd...NOT AN OTAKU!!!)
Dislikes: Most (not all) Cheer Leaders, most (not all) jocks, pompous selfish rech people who dont know the value of a dollar, people who mis-pornounce anime names (ex....Naruto=Narooto, and my horable ability to spell.(I can miss spell "water" when I type to fast...sigh)
ocupation: I'm right now interning at Pixar...YES!!

yeah as I said not much to know, but that's basically me. <3
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I was getting worried you had abandoned the comic for a while there!
I think I share the same view as most of your fans when I say... "I'M GLAD YOU'R BACK!!!!!!"
I can almost see tommy getting punched through the wall. ^///_///^

awesome expressions;P
okay I agree with the question half a dozen people asked...
who the hell doesn't know ash's pikachu is a guy!!!
I also agree with the answer... sigh

poor ash and yet I don't feel bad

one: because the little perv got what he had coming

two: pikachu is far to bishie to ignore

and lastly…………........ seme's always get there way...………….(except the ones who have rebel ukes. But hey, what good seme doesn’t love a good challenge ;P)
i can only begin to guess what those pills were... (evil chuckle)

awsome work!! keep going!!
June 28th, 2009
this is the most epic and well drawn kingdom Hearts fic i have seen. I love your style.

my only problum is that I agree with Axelisapedo... nobodies dont realy have hearts. but with roxas being a some-what specal condition I still acept the epic-ness

keep on drawing the comic I'm dieing to see what happens