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He he he....
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Aww! Adorable!
November 18th, 2012
Wow! Pretty.
August 9th, 2012
ooo. nice door. Raven looks so cool!
Aww that's adorable! Argent was so cute!!
You can leave things out when you draw chibi. I love Raven's shadow puppet hand ltmq
When you do chibi you're aloud to leave things out. I love Raven's shadow puppet hand ltmq
Sweet!!! I love her boots.
Nice! Can't wait to see her glimmer.
:O ... Louis looks pretty fine without his glasses on... now that I see the comparison.
But anyway how rude of him!
It's so cool how Jack is on both sides of the chart!
Don't worry Beth, we all fall in love with creepy guys now and then.
These last few pages have been so pretty! Well I mean they're all pretty but you know what I mean..
Omgosh her face in the second panel is priceless!
Ho ho ho getting cozy in the country cottage. :D
Oh man that last panel! Guess he's not COMPLETELY different from Jack.
AWWWW he's happy!!!
OMgosh no!!! he's not going to disappear forever is he??? noooo!!!!
Poor Watts :(
I wonder what Jack thought when Mr. Friday started hanging out with Reilly. Like wow whose that hot chick??? Sigh. Probably not.