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You Do You, Brah
This is one of the coolest and most unique things I've ever read(free or not), really professional and interesting, and SERIOUSLY please take your time and do what you need to do for this because your work is fantastic. Generally I want quantity over quality, but for this, I'll wait (and then show all my friends). :)
Wow, one hit KO. Drangonthing really is something-- or maybe Atty is just an amazing trainer. Anyway, that Metapod doesn't stand a chance.
Wow. What an arse.

If you ever decide to do a fan-service pic, I think a picture of Alex standing up for himself and beating the crud out of Matt would be preeettty popular. D: 'Cuz, really. This guy NEEDS the crud beat out of him. Hard.
That's right-- he was thinking GAY!!! Hahaha! (Get it? It's BL, and he's not thinking straight... and straight can mean het, so opposite is gay? Get it?!)

*ahem* So, really stupid jokes aside...

I'm glad you're redrawing this. I always thought this was a really cute comic. I'll look forward to seeing the whole new version! ^^
Yay! I'm so happy this updated. I've been missing it...

My god. Was the last update really September 20th, 2010? D: I guess it really did take them a long time to get changed. (Psh. Girls.)

Hopefully, your update now means you've started working on this comic again (yes?). I AM SO HAPPY FOR THIS NEW PAGE!!! >_< --in case you didn't notice already. :D
AHH!!! This comic is so long, and it had to end HERE?! I really hope the next update is soon. I don't think I can take the tension of waiting. If it takes too long, I'll probably tear myself apart. I'll implode! ;A; The artwork is just so nice, and there's good character development (which a lot of comics are lacking, especially romance comics), and IT'S JUST SO FREAKING CLOSE TO A CONCLUSION!!! I want to see all the misunderstandings end!
Riiiight. That totally accounts for all those times in the anime when the trainers only say things like "finish him" and "do your stuff" and their Pokemon DECIDE FOR THEMSELVES what attack to use. And when your Pokemon is too high a level and acts on its own, ignoring all your commands.

Obviously, Atty is starting a Pokemon revolution. It's the Era of Cynical Enlightenment, or something.
There are two things I would think would be coming to Niya's mind right now.
1: 'He has the same interest as me?'
(too-tight corset and all)
2: 'He's doing it wrong...'


Or maybe he'll be impressed by the Snow's dedication? Yeah, real hard-cores go 'till they pass out!

Whatever the outcome, I'll be happy to see the next page. :3
Ooh, pretty! I love the art in this comic. I love the whole thing, actually. It's so unique and captivating. I'm really looking forward to reading more in the future. <3
I'm new to this comic, so, uh, hey.
Oh my god... I love this comic. :^; It's so well-drawn and has a good plot and... is awesome!

Also, that teacher needs killing off. Or, better yet, castration. D:< Lying, cheating @ssholes like him shouldn't be allowed to procreate. I mean, and after all that, he goes back to Alex again? Shameless.

And... I really hope Alex doesn't get back together with him or something. Even for the sake of the plot, that would be awful.
XD When it said "Weeble", I thought it said Weedle. I was wondering how a Weedle would be something that doesn't like to stay down until I read the Author's Comment. And--
No, Atty! Don't listen to Kahn! YOU CAN WIN!!! BELIEVE IN DRAGONTHING!!!!!That he's gone on this long is enough of a miracle that I'm starting to think think there was an error, and Dragonthing's HP went into the negatives or something, and now he can't die. It's possible, right?
I didn't remember the flashback, so I went back and reread that part, and it reminded me that Atty isn't that bad. I mean, he's not nice, and he doesn't want to be anyone's friend (especially Dragonthing's), but he didn't seem to like the idea of cute animals being forced to beat the crud out of each other. He's no Ash Ketchem, but he's not a monster, right? So... he probably wouldn't let Dragonthing die or anything... Right?
And anyway, Atty is in the right here, so he's gotta win. In the world of Pokemon, rules of morality are like what rules of physics are for us.
Dood, I love those shoes! You just made them so perfectly! And how they are on the ground, and how the grass is and the shading of the grass... and it's all so smooth and perfect and beautiful...! It's like you turned God into a pencil and shaded it with that. I'm serious. Everything is so 3D-ish and textured.... I could start worshiping your shading as a god/goddess right now.
Oh yeah, that was SO convincing! "You're the one tha-gnnnh..." XD Wow. Yeah, he is so not into that. How could you possibly not tell that he is so not into that?! My god. Matt is kind of... pathetic sometimes. It's at points like this that I wonder why Matt agreed to this in the first place. If he's already thinking that he must have done this to so many guys before, wouldn't that mean that both he and the guy he's doing this for are in danger of getting sexual diseases by staying with him?
Oh. Is he (finally) going to think now about how Daniel probably did this with a certain other person as well...? Or will he still not realize? I wonder...

(Woah. I have really long comments...)
"Besides, it's not like I have anything important going on in my life that I can't rearrange for my best friend."

Yeah, nothing important at all or that you couldn't rearrange. I mean, it's not like your being blackmailed into sleeping with your best friend's lover or anything. And even if that did happen to be, of course he would be fine with you meeting with Jashua, his lover and the person you obviously like. That kind of thing could be easily rearranged.

Now I wonder where-ever this horrible feeling in the pit of my stomach might be coming from... (You did that on purpose, didn't you?)
So basically, he says 'blah, blah, blah, we're polar opposites' and goes on and on about it. Then he finishes by saying how opposites attract. Do you see something here that he doesn't seem to notice, 'cuz I think I do.... Just saying. He can be kind of dense. I mean, he hasn't even considered yet that the fact that all this was happening just MIGHT mean that Daniel had feelings for him( and not for Joshua). My god. This is good, but... slightly... frustrating...! (& please take the fact that I'm getting frustrated over this as a compliment to your abilities)
0____0 Oh my god. I own a bear just like that. It... it makes me proud... with the bloody claws and coolness. This comic is very interesting... (and at this point I feel almost like screaming, "Run away from Pedo-bear! Run away, oh cute one!!!>_<"... Or some such thing)