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What can I say...I like animals,computers,good web comics...And more,probably XD
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November 14th, 2010
Who's that pokemon!?
It's feraligatr!
Feraligatr used scare the crap out of Atty!
It's freaking effective!
September 22nd, 2009
Aw,I love sevipers.And zangoose XD You draw that seviper really cute *cuddles* *gets her head bitten off*

Well,whenever it comes,I'm looking foward for the update ^^
Jump!Jump!Jump! >:D

This comic is awsome ^_^ Cant wait for next page ^_^
Aw ;_;
These comics made my day until I saw when it was last updated. ;_; I would sing alleluyah and scream like crazy with happinessif you would update them again... DX Pwease... *kitty face* :3