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Hey, I'm Rasenu. ^_^ I've been on here before, but after taking an unexpected break, I've come back to comment on several of my favorite comics. I love making new friends, so if you want to chat, just message me.

This time I'm here to not only comment, but to make a few comics as well. <3

"No one ever comes here."

"I'm about to change that, baby."
Love that it's awkward! Much more realistic and, for me anyways, easy to relax to. A girl I was dating told me that teaching me to kiss was like "herding cats"...
February 13th, 2016
"It's a.... dick in a box!" -SNL
I have a feeling Kae's actually going to kick Inori's ass.
I usually don't comment, but it truly made my day to see that you updated. Your artwork is beautiful, and it's a great thing to wake up to.
My friend finally got me to buy Guild Wars and this is frighteningly accurate :P

I do have a bit of an odd question. I know you're adding a chapter and doing some relettering, but sounds like you're also redoing some of the art? If that's the case, would that come with the $5 PDF preorder, or does that only include the originally drawn comic + the extra chapters?

I adore your art, both in the original comic and in the newest chapter. I'm just eager to see more of your your style and skills have developed, and how your visualization of Monday and Clover may have changed.

If that makes any sense... Anyway, you rock. (. u.)b
I really do love how some of the people here read Teahouse as well. ;)

ANYWAY, don't break your contract, Phoebus. Especially not when it's with a demon lord.

Ugh, this comic always reminds me of how impatient I can be. I'm always excited for more updates. :)
Aw, poor Romy. D:
Andi looks so cute! >w< *flails*
OMG I love Ren and Clover! X3 They are so awsome!

Hm... I wonder if Monday's lighting up, too. ;A;
Amazing! :'3
Eeeeeeek! >w< His hair is so cute!
I LOVE Monday! XD He is the best!
Yummy 8D
You draw kitties really well. :D
Gwah! >w< He's so cute!

(Yes, I'm re-reading your comic. ;D It's that good!)
Oooh.... ;o; This page is terribly sad... I adore the expressions everyone has.

You got to one of the top spots because your comic is absolutely amazing.

And is Ren not wearing any pants? c:
Hahaha! xD This made my day!
Love the first panel! XD