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A aspiring artist that is working hard to become a animator for anime or cartoons(which ever comes first) For now I focus on school and creating art for everyone. I'm rather shy, though I do like making friends, so anyone can stop by and talk to me :3
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@AngelxEve: Oh, that's where I have been for the past few months, I found a new game to play and instantly threw one of my old ocs into the mix as a roleplay blog. It's been awhile for me to have one, but it seems to be successful :3 Either way, yes, it's fun to have a roleplay blog, just have to find the right muse for yourself and then you should find amazing people to rp and chat with even
@AngelxEve: Understandable and to be honest, she's not very aware of her actions when she's like that. So when Vul actually sobers up and learns what she did, she's probably going to lock herself in her room and start hiding under the covers in embarrassment for awhile.

And I know how you feel, but I'm not sure how others would react to seeing them. I'm honestly okay with them, but I'll still censor as well for everyone elses consent

and omg xD
I'm sorry
I should be actually drawing my comic pages, but I kept seeing this picture in my head and wanted to draw it xD.

Nahuel apparently doesn't remember that staring is rude

And more drunk Vulpine
Finished the last of the characters, just check their profiles and the new designs and some info is changes as well
Yep, probably doesn't help that your part animal and are more than likely to have a warmer body temperature than a human. Just adding more heat makes it worse =A=
I don't know why, but I had a amusing image of Vulpine getting drunk. xD And when she does, she feels really hot and strips so she can cool down
V: -flips off-

And her page is fixed now
V: I don't have that kind of patiences for you -walks away-
@AngelxEve: No dear, this is wonderful, I love it xD

V: Come down here and I will, you priss =A=
@AngelxEve: Oh dear god I'm dying

V: Hurry up and bring your pretty ass down here!
So yeah
I think it was time to rename some of them seeing as some of them are species from America and had Japanese names =_= I think these fit them better and I plan on some changes on them physically, like for instance Vulpine has a more darker complexion seeing as she comes from a tribe (thinking like Native American skin tone) and so does Leroux from probably working out outside and napping out in the sun so much that it's probably given him a decent tan... And Kade just got longer hair, making him more girly xD I'll probably make full designs later to replace the old ones
awesome pages guys and I'm probably with Angel, I'm thinking of changing my character's names to where it fits their backgrounds better
@moe2311: You did good, Kyu can be shy at times, but she probably would ask like she didn't care that she was on a guy at the moment xD
@moe2311: Glad I could make your day and aww, sorry to hear that. I think I'm getting a little sick myself, I've been stuffed up and having a sore throat all day. Also, thanks <3 I'm doing my best to get better and better
Dear lord Riku..
You actually look pretty sexy for once. And I had fun making these, also thought it be good seeing as it's getting close to Valentine's day
So adorable
What's great is that he would probably make his own chocolate <3 Also thinking about putting freckles on him, they fit him well
So Tsundere Kyu~
Wonder who she is giving her Valentine to? -cough- probablyTakashi-cough-
Kyu S-shut it you!
Alright, to make up for the sad page, here's a adorable sketch of Daisuke <3 Enjoy everyone
Oh Kyu..
Why did you make me want to draw something sad ;.;? Well either way, I've been wanting to draw something since I'm kind of waiting for Insanity to answer back with there character(Hope it's soon, I really want to make a comic again) I guess you guys will be getting random art until then.
And if you are curious, that's Kyu's sister Kitsune
You did a good job on the page :3