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ooo, I'll try my hand at this sometime
EDIT: HOLY CRAP you guys are fantastic at this I spent like 20 minutes just singing some of these
somewhat better looking version:
April 9th, 2011
February 21st, 2011
Good lord, he googled yaoi? His eyes must be burning. Especially if he clicked imagesearch...
February 9th, 2011
LUKKKEE GO VISIT THIS PIZZA PLACE- err I mean poor rasputin and his chasity
Oh my godddd, so cute.
I can feel the cure radiating off it
Charmander isn't a dog. I think.

Sad charmander/DT is possibly one of the most pitiful things I've ever seen
Seriously though, dawwwwww face in panel three. And Simon...For some reason seems just sllllightly older now. But it's all good. :D
January 12th, 2011
That chalkboard is genius.
I love how, "can't swim" is like some horrible disease. xD She's so cute.

And Simon's
Ah wow, I only saw the movie in french class. This book sounds good and popular, now I've got to read it.
Oh let me get those knives for you-

Aghhhh I'll wait. I'll wait super patiently. OuO This page kinda fueled my scarfs-wintertime-cute fetish anyways xD;/shot
Ahahaha shira-tan is so cute :)~
Publish? Publish? I has money! I am willing to spend it on this comic! -thankgodforholidays-
Or even better- Sequel? yes? Win? Foreverrrrrr?
Hey, Cookie-chan. I came up with that D<-/shot
Oh my jesus, I died laughing when I read about his sparkle powers. And saw Taka's face. xD
;O; Nooooooooo..It's endinggggggg/crysob
I liiiiiiiiike evil princess lady. XD But I pity little John D: poor kid probably peed his pants seeing that.
December 21st, 2010
Ow. Dude. Flying KO.
Ahahaha, I had a sixth sense moment-
Instantly- "WAIT
FS HAD AN UPDATE" out of nowhere~
Haru! :D You suddenly look less uke!
ahaha....Om nom nom. x3
December 19th, 2010
I love how he charmed the crap outta her, who KNOWS Alex. XD Suspicious? Yes. I like.
D8 Noooooo
It's ending D8
Dammit, Shiratori keeps getting cuter :I Dammit Shiratori stop doing that, you're getting too attractive for the average eye
...I wanna see his daddy though...;n; Oh well...
...I kinda wonder if Haru's mom thinks Haru is the seme LOL XD
*pokes chibi shira-chan~* So cute~ He looks absolutely adorable chibi x3
And then...HOT DAMN. *.* Haru is one lucky boy...Shiratori is so friggin hot 8L
...Darn it shira-chan, couldn't you run over your gentleman-ness for one minute DX
-But I like it more this way anyways. >w<~