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Holloway Contract actually has 3 authors. We're all nerds, and we love candy. Mmm candy.
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Shut doown. XD Love it.
He's got such a cute face. XD
Good question.
We're back, with this amazing work of art..!
Heey guys. I can't even make up an excuse for why we haven't uploaded in forever. Just.. here's page 56 for your viewing enjoyment. Sorry about that.
xD Nope, he's just a crazy person.
Heey guys. Here's page 52. Sorry that page 53 went up before it, we had some technical difficulties with my tablet crapping out on me so.. 53 was scheduled to go up on the timer already and 52 didn't get done in time.
Well, er.. Here it is.

Historical accuracy is not the forte of... us XD.
8'D Hey thanks guys. Comments make me so happy inside and stuff.
I like all of the pages except for all of the really really old ones <3.

Well.. Four minutes after the Tuesday deadline.
o3o;; I've been trying to keep his height as constant as possible! I thought no one would call me on it! But Thadeus's head comes up to his first stripe in both panels, the second one is just zoomed in more.
Well, err.. One of the safes is big and hard to open, and the other one is little and friendly, so I.. erm.. added some last-minute personification in the form of smilies.
That's why Thadeus goes for opening the little one on the next page <3.
The Grunts
"Well, they're hired criminals really. Ferdinand just pays them to use their individual skills to comit crimes for him. Lucian's the hired gun, Thadeus is the lock pick, Hans is the muscles and Strange is the face. They robbed the bank because Ferdi Birdie wanted them to for the monies."
"Strange, get out?"
"Straaaange, who let you back in the house?"
Onwards to Chapter Three!

Sorry about the lack of pages last week, guys. StrangeWell's birthday and then a whole lot of hours of work for me. But you get some pages now. And this one features Strange prancing around and cleaning, because you know that's what she does..
hee hee
"He's the favorite foo shoo."

In this thrilling enstallment of Holloway Contract: Lucian justifies killing a lady because she's gross.