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I'm Alejandro Lee aka 47ness; I'm a storyboard artist by day, working in and around Hollywood. But in my free time I create graphic novels of the steampunk variety. You might even catch me dressed up accordingly at some convention with my books and merch. :)

(also on Etsy: )
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@ZSnazzy: Thank you! I'm currently working on a follow-up comic to SSnPP. Just follow @47ness or the hashtag #ssnpp on the usual social media for future updates. :)
@Bealoreas: haha, you know it. thanks ^^
@TechnoPuff: XD
Thanks for the vote of confidence~!
@claudeb: Thank you! :D I'm glad you took the time since the comic was meant to be read that way. (haha, I like sneaking in refs where I can) And yeah- I guess most steampunk protagonists tend to be humans, but I just wanted to do my own thing. Much love. <3
@Notbt5: Aw, thank you for taking the time to read it all! I always envisioned SSnPP as a graphic novel meant to be taken in all at once, so I appreciate that. ;D

I do still have a lot of story left to tell with these characters (including an animated pilot). Just follow @47ness or the hashtag #ssnpp on the usual social media for future updates. ^^
Cue the music!

(I was listening to this a lot while working these pages. It definitely helped. :P )
SSnPP updates are back!

Specifically ALL the remaining pages will be uploaded now. XD
Sorry for being away for so long; I had to go into self-imposed exile so I could get it done without distraction (...also the final series of pages are quite spoilery, so trickling the pages out one by one would not have worked out well, haha)

D: D: D:

One of the trickier pages to put together, but I'm happy with it~

SSnPP is back!
...situation: still dire for our heroes... D:

Will try to blast out more pages leading into the Spring (if I'm lucky I can wrap this up in time for WonderCon Anaheim?)
@Mystic Fire: Pete's lost in his own dream world again. :p
@Mystic Fire: Yup! This is also the first 2-page spread in the whole comic (I wanted to get more adventurous with the layouts :D)
@Mystic Fire: :,)
@Mystic Fire: Guess not. ^^;
@Mystic Fire: I DUNNO EITHER. Don't question a mad scientist's motives?? D:
@Mystic Fire: ... ^^;;;
@Mystic Fire: Gets 'em. EVERY TIME. XD
@Mystic Fire: you never know with some people....... :0
@Mystic Fire: hmm... i wonder.....