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I'm a girl from Finland. I like drawing manga, playing violin and acting.

Please ignore my english. It's not my mother language so it's not very good. -.-
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First of all, I'm really sorry!
A lot of things happened over summer, basically, leaving me really depressed. Since the beginning of school I haven't felt like working at all and since it's my last year, there's a possibility I'm not able to graduate next spring because of not getting enough courses... (We have to go to at least 75 courses to graduate) Luckily my "homeroom teacher" (Not exactly, but don't know a better word for it.) has been really supportive and helps me in many ways. I've been feeling better lately and I really need something to get my mind off of school sometimes, so I decided to start this comic again!

Actually, I'm starting it all over again, doing it kind of properly. I'm doing it actually as a mixture of comic and written, because I feel like it's easier for me.
Also, some things will be changed, for example, I'm changing their names. It's only because having Japanese names is just kind of stupid in my opinion. xDD Soooo~ The story is setting in Finland now, so they're going to have Finnish names! (Sort of)Hinata's name from now on is Nico and Tsubasa's is Topias. Hope that won't bother you much.
Lastly I would like to ask you one question: Is it fine with you/ would you like if this comic thingy would have mature content in it? I'm not saying there will, I'm just considering it! I'm not even sure if I would even be able to draw it xD But yes, I would like to hear your opinion.
That's all for now so bye~
Don't like this page much, but oh well~~ 8D
Sorry for not updating last week! -.-''
It was kind of sudden, but my friend came over for a week so...
I don't see this friend so often, so I didn't want to draw a page while she was here ^^''
Someone is jealouus :33
Hinata is being so cute >3<


My summer holidays begun so we'll have pretty reqular updates for the next two and half months! :33
@samanthasdog1231: Yup :3 They're 5 or 6 years old
Once again I'm reallyreallyreallyreally sorry about having a break with out saying anything... >.<

And in this new page we meet Hinata's younger sisters~~ :3 I haven't named them yet, so feel free to give me suggestions~~
Sorry for not updating in four weeks :<< I'm busy with school and stuff x(
Anyway~~ I try to get back to updating as soon as I can...
April 13th, 2012
@ANONUUMI: Juu huomasin itekkin sivun pienennyksen jälkeen et liian pieneks meni, mut aattelin ku se on vaa turhan päiväst jutusteluu et en jaksa korjata mut kun kerran kiinnostaa:
"Where shall we go?"
"C-Could we go to eat somwhere?"
"Hm... Then-"
Sorry, nothing for April's fools 8DD
But today is also a Finnish tradition that is similar to Halloween's trick or treating~~ It's a day week before easter. Children dress up as witches (Nothing like the one's you see in Halloween)and go from door to door asking for candy. In exchange we get a decorated branch that is supposed to ward off evil. I like this tradition more than trick or treating since the children always decorate the branches themselves and I think its cute and gets them to do some creative work. :3
And my point is that, since it's Palm Sunday and April's fools, I've been opening the door for kids with a red contact on my other eye. I've loved their ractions :DD And yes, I'm mean for doing this to little kids...
I love youuuu! >3<
This is my first time having so many fans on a comic <3 Thank you for faving this and please keep following it till the end
March 23rd, 2012
Sorry for not updating in two weeks! ^^'' I've been bit busy with school two past weeks...
@Yaqirah: Haha xD That might be pretty much true~
Yaaaay for shoujo-ish backgrounds! xD
Because I'm too lazy to draw~~

And sorry for not updating last week! I had a holiday and spent it at my friends place

Oh yeah! And cause this comic already has over 50 fans, I tought about drawing something~~ Any suggestions? :D
February 16th, 2012
Hehee x3 I changed the layout a bit~~

I'm so nervoous right nowww... There is this Finnish tradition where 2nd years in high school dress in old styled dresses and we dance old dances like different waltzes...
So yeah... It's today and I'm preparing for it right now... I'm just hoping everything will go alright, since some of the dances are really difficult xD
Good Morning and Happy Valentines day!
...It's 8 am and my school starts at 12 am... fufufu

Personally, I don't really care about this day... But since Tsubasa is the kind of character that would show up with a lot of roses at Hinata's door, I just scribbled something for fun xD

I'll try to update tomorrow or day after :3
February 14th, 2012
@BrokenLightbulb: Thanks! ^_^
February 8th, 2012
Sucky page, but I'm too lazy to redraw :>>
No pages this week! the first thing I wanted to say. I have test week starting tomorrow

The second thing is about this picture... The story I'm drawing is actually something I wrote about a year ago randomly. At the same time I started making this comic, I started writing a sequel for this. It sets three years after this story and it's more comlex and full of drama, while this one is just cute and funny. xD
What I'm saying here is that I'm not sure what to do with the sequel. I don't want to make it into a comic, since I don't want to continue with the sketch style after this comic. (The reason why this is just a one shot) I don't either believe that I'm able to do the whole story as a proper comic, since I'm really lazy person and probably quit after making few chapters.
I don't either want to put the chapters up just as written stories, because I find that too boring. :D
I also want to say that this whole plan is under a big MAYBE. I'll probably put the sequel in the internet if there is people are interested to read it and if I figure in what form I'll be uploading the "pages". (suggestions are more than welcome!)

That's all I wanted to say ^^''
Not saying anything about the actual drawing though >:)
January 27th, 2012
Yayyyy a pageee~~
Here's Hinata's cute Tsubasa-chan xDD
Hinata is a 1st year by the way, so Tsubasa is one year older
January 18th, 2012
@lit-emo-rose: Me too xd
@ice---tea: Thanks <3 And as you can see, I tried writing everything in capital. It's easier to read probably... ^^''