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Oh well I'm definitely buying it now.
Heck yeah I'm bad enough!

I played BW1 and loved it. I was wondering cause like usually the sequels to the Pokemon games only add like one thing, like Platinum only added a little bit of new plot. But yeah I think I might get White 2.
Just wanted to say that I absolutely love your comic. It's incredible and amazing and the effects and style is astounding. No lie, this is seriously my favorite comic on SmackJeeves. I must become your protege.

Oh also I was wondering if BW2 would be worth buying?
OMG how have I not seen this?!
>Turrieriermon(purple bunny) goes to stop this ruckus corruption stuff and snowagumon comes from his cake eating because he heard all the commotion...
>A wendigomon becomes corrupted and is destroying stuff in the villiage
Not gonna lie the perspectives are amazing, I feel like I'm watching the anime and the sprite is pretty good. I'm liking this
I'm feeling so much teenage angst
Ahhhh yes! Your back :D
I mean 3rd and 4th
He means like the tile for the 4th and 5th panel are the wrong way
What a twist
I officially read every single page and I have lived! LIVED! Please continue this comic and your other comics cause they give me motivation and there awesome alsoooooooo add me on MSN
I live in eastern time
Hi There
Hey there I'm zt2maniac, I'm just gonna leave this here and defend myself from the tornado that's in the area ok bye :D
An Army?
Love this comic, it's original and fresh
One: I would love to join
Two: I would be intrested in teams
Three: 2 weeks are more than reasonable
Four: Yeah there should be guidlines
Five: Yes to judges