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Yeah...I'll get to this when I have time...sorry!
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Damn it! Come on kiss already!!

LOVE the middle panel of Atsushi's eyes!

I also love the fact that you didn't do any background toning to the bottom left three panels. I like the fact that its kept clean and simple so the reader just "sees" the motions and can focus on the intense sceen that's playing out.

I can just hear a heart beating beating loudly in the background while looking at those three panels...hand on shoulder...hand on chin...a caressing whisper "Atushi"...*sighs then faints...*

Hahaha! I'm at work right now and trying NOT to laugh TOO loud! (So glad I wasn't drinking anything at the time the page uploaded or I'd be cleaning my monitor & keyboard right now...kekeke)

Great work once again Sensei! LOVE THIS PAGE!! I totally LOVE Atsushi's expression in the last panel! To comical!!

Wonderful work with the background too! Showing the decorating crew at work with such wonderful detail just shows us fans how dedicated you are to your art.

I hope you get better soon! And even if you do look like a chipmunk, I'm sure you are a very, very kawaii chipmunk!! ICE CREAM TIME! ICE CREAM TIME!!
Kiss kiss kiss!
Kawaii!!! Love the top panel of Atsushi! Honto, honto kawaii!!

Daisuke is so cool posing there so calm and nonchalance...when in truth he's plotting and planning the "taking" of sweet, innocent Atsushi...(Oh Yes! please take him soon!!!)

And like they say...Practice makes perfect! Practice! Practice! Practice!

Once again Kurasune-sensei good job!!!
How hot is this page...*faints*...

I love the last panel! You captured the eyes beautifully...when I look at his eyes I see regret and dispair at the same time...for some reason I also see determination...

Great job as always Kurasune-sensei!

(Imagin rabid crazy fangirls screaming!)
Love Daisuke's new hair cut! He's so much cuter and sexier now!!!
LOVE IT! Atsushi is so kawaii! And Jon is so handsome in his baseball uniform!!! Kyaa!!!

Your friend must feel so special to have you help coordinate her wedding!

Actually I know that she feels special cause she has Kurasune-sensei!

What a lucky lucky girl!!

All 3 boys look so good! Love the button-up shirt on the guy on the left...keke...when I saw that...for some reason it made me think of John Travolta from Saturday night know...the "stud" look.

Great job again! always!
Poor Atsushi...picked on by sexy oohh so cute Takizawa...(come here sweetheart let me hug you)

Love the jammies! Kawaii!

Oh and thanks for the new cover pix...I think my nose has stopped bleeding now...
OMG! This dream sequence is so...HOT! Can you say:


Atsushi is "totally" a bottom!!...but you're right...this is Atsushi's dream...

BUT DAMN IT! I'm going to tell my self that Atsushi is "straddling" Jon and taking him from up top...Yes! that's what I'm going to keep telling my is totally an uke! Haha!

Once again...WONDERFUL JOB SENSEI! Ganbatte!
Awwhh...poor David...he's sad...

"Come here David, Auntie here will give you a BIG hug"

Love how you captured the moment! Good job as always sensei!
Awwhh...what a beautiful family portrait! It's so kawaii!
Love the raw sketches! Really shows how talented you are! Good work Sensei! Looking forward to more and more and more!
*sob**sob*...this frame is so made me want to cry...I actually felt my throat close up and had to swallow the lump that was forming...beautiful...just beautiful...

The tears are so well drawn! You've captured Jon's emotions PERFECTLY in the top frame...his eyes are so beautifully drawn. You can see the emotional turmoil Jon's struggling with.

Ganbatte Sensei!
Ahh!!! A kiss...yes thank you! *sighs happily* an absolutly beautiful scene...the kiss is just beautiful...*melting into goo*

Ok fine I admit...this scene was totally worth waiting for!

Wonderful job as always! And getting better and better as always. The toning is perfect!! Ganbatte Kurasune-sensei!

Kawaii-na! This is so UBER Kawaii! Wow...I canNOT describe how good this panel looks...everything is so perfect! I LOVE the drawing of Jon at the top...naked waist up Yeah baby!

But seriously your drawing of Jon is really really really good! I'm not sure if its just me...or what...but I love the way you drew Jon and David at the top. David curled up on his side like a girl, and Jon laying on his back with 1 hand behind his head and 1 on top of his head. It really shows Jon's masculine and David's feminine...really depicts who's the seme and who's the uke in the relationship. GOOD JOB!


Kurasune-sensei, you are too wonderful and too talented! Even my boss said so when I showed her your manga today! You did a wonderful job capturing the moment! Ganbatte!
Dan no baka!!!!!

Poor Jon...poor poor Jon...*sigh*...*sniff*...

Your toning is getting better and better with each page! And I LOVE how you drew Jon's disappointed expression at the end.

Yes, this is like reading vvveerryyyy COME ON! stop teasing us!

Kurasune-sensei you are the bestest! Ganbatte Kurasune-sensei!
4 more to go...
Does it "HAVE" to be 5 "different" people?!?!? Can't I just post 5 "different" comments for you?!?!!? Please! Onegai!!! XD

How could you tease us like that!!!

*sob...*...need more...need kissing...need GROPING!

Stupid damn phone!

Oh, and love the page! Toning is wonderful! Love how Jon's shirt blends into the need to go back to sobbing now...(HOW COULD YOU TEASE US SO!)
Love your mean..."the bra" it dark pink with black lace?!?!...hum...think I'm missing mine...kekeke

P.S. Yes it would be gross to have to clean up after someone's weekend orgie...but it also would be funny to see what's also left behind "the bra"...hey is there a matching lace panty?!?!?

Love David's "Ew gross" and Jon's "Tell me about it" expression. It's awesome how you caught the right amount of facial expression needed to convey their feeling of the matter. Ganbatte!

Post more! Post MORE! NOW NOW NOW!