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Slow Monkey
Well hiii~ thar to those that bothered to look upon my page! :0
My name is Rowen... ^^ I am male~ Which means i have a thing in my pants children... :3
Heh... I only joined so i can fave and keep track of the awesome webcomics on here... .w.
I once had a dream with a beautiful tablet... But alas, the floor has done me wrong and killed it... T_T
Perhaps I can draw up a webcomic the old fashioned style~ owo
One day maybe... But i am a sad, sad, lazy person who just started his life in college and hates the idea of blowing off studies and the poor excuse of a job i was able to srape up for it... D:
Maybe... But i need drive... >T And an idea..... ;w;"
I had one once, but i don't think anyone would actually like it... XP Not everyone shares the same fetishes~ And i hate disappointing others ^^"
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    Rowen [Charles], Or 'Ricey'... :3
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I can understand the lack of motivation, but as a fan I can say I am a bit disappointed that so many painful questions will go answered. Pissed, is more like it. But that's just me. I will always adore you, your art, and this comic. Times have changed and you have grown, and I have had the liberty to watch. I will miss this comic, but in the end it is just a comic and I will find others to hang on and obsess over, but I will miss these characters so much. Hopefully you will continue to update your Tumblr and DA.
Why the fuck did I just go so deep? Lol what is wrong me? Sorry .-.
I miss the old comic~ ; u;

The new style is gorgeous, of course. Though Kitty doesn't look like a little kid anymore. xD

But hurr hurr, how could I forget~~
What a judgmental bitch. :D
Please don't end the comic like this!
You are one of the best comic artists/writers I've ever had the pleasure of viewing work from...
I'd lose every ounce of respect for you if you just ended it with this just because fans aren't commenting enough. We're here... Just too lazy to wiggle our fingers. c:
I dunno if it'll mean anything, since I don't even know if you'll read this and most of what I wanted to say has been said already... XP
But my mother, bless her, has always told me never to totally conform to the wants or words of others. There's a difference to a true critique and an extreme one. The flaws of something you've worked hard on are what make it yours and yours alone.
I can see things you may want to change to better it for yourself... But don't better it just because you read soemthing that makes you feel obligated to do it for others. ^ ^
Nawz~ Wittle Boys~
Everett is definitely my favorite... = w=
Such a frowny, attitudess little cutie~
Cute Paaaaage~ = w=
Bout time... :D
And hehe, TYPO. *Points to 'Wantder'* . u .
EDIT: FIRST. Omnomnomnom...
Maybe you should do something with Minato and Matsuri~
Minato is rather harsh to him... Maybe you can have some drama between them~ ;u;
Like Minato be mean(well, MEANER) to Matsuri and something happen to him and minato feel bad and blah blah blaaahh... ; A;
Lawlz, just suggesting XuX"
Also... Is it bad that the first thing I thought when I saw Dake's thumbs in the first panel is 'PENISES!!!'.......? :I
I'm just like that! If I removed my glasses all of the panels would look like the second one for me. Damn did it hurt to try to focus my eyes on that second one without them xD
Dear gods Dake is just the cutest thing EVAH. =w=
Ho gawd... This. Was. Just. Fucking. Fantastic!
I'd totally go straight for ya... =w=
Omg my mom was JUST like that...
She always told me not to be ashamed of my sexuality and to find good, kind friends. xD
The only thing was, EVERYONE knew me and liked me in my highschool days... But fff. College... You're lucky to have drinking friends now-a-days when you're gay... =w=""
I love how relatable this comic is :D
And Sandy needs to hush, she has some lovely brown eyes~ Not every man wants some boney fake bitch... >.<
I was a cool guy in high school??? ;w;
That made my day... I didn't know young women thought like that. xD
I had back problems growing up, though. So I guess I cheated my way into coolness??? .u.""
I also had like mega long hair, so I hated back packs cause they ate it... =^=
Great page~
Keep up the good work~ >w<
O-o I am male, chunky, and tall and even I don't weigh that much! xD
....What's wrong with having a gay red convertible??? I have a BLACK gay convertible.... ;-;
And Dammit woman.... I love how you draw lips D:<
BLAH, hurry up and update Zombie Love! That chibi is making my peddo-senses go nuts... X^x
Edit: Comment Virginity= MINE, BITCH =w=;;
So pretty and refreshing~
But drama? Oh noes... D:
AAAAURGH! Just the fucking THOUGHT of a blade, if that's what that is, scraping against cobblestone or concrete is fucking MIND RAPING TO MEEEE... >__<"""
But hey, that drink looks pretty damn tasty :D
Poor Dakey though, kids like him should NEVAH go down alley ways... ouo
Things are bound to happen..... Like:
I would just like to say, Damn... XD
I've been reading this for quite a long time, it has come a loooong way... :D
And hehehehe... Diamond is vary shexy... =w=
He has the same name as my hamster! X3
Ha~ Poor Herz can't get no slumba... XD
I have you the fan art.... :I
UUUUH... 'Cept I did it last night when I was off the wall drunk x-x
Looks kinda funky XD
I hope I didn't kill your characters too terribly...
It smells like Malibu rum...........
Heh heh, well once I clean it up a tad, I'll upload it and give it to ya... XD
OF COURSE, muffin D:
I should have it up~ It's a long weeeeekeeend! =u=
And I don't have to work or do adult shit, so lots of time to finish the drawing~ :3